Perserving the spring glut of eggs

Ah Spring, a time of rain, seedlings, hope for the garden and the flush of the first green pasture, and the never ending supply of fresh eggs.

I love using those eggs, I enjoy dippy eggs with dill on them, I like them hard boiled and used in different dishes or just plain with a touch of salt on them, I like egg salad sandwhichs and I adore potato salad and I can’t imagine it without eggs, I use eggs in my breads, cakes, cookies, muffins and more.

Still there are more eggs, and I know that at some point in the dark of winter, that the hens will slow down and I will be wish and some days dreaming of them coming in heavy during those cold dark winter days when we have less then six hours of daylight.

One of the ways I save my eggs is to crack them in a bowl and beat them till well mixed and freeze them, I add a pinch of salt if I am planning on using them for egg use, or a pinch of sugar if they are going to be used in baking, then I pour them into ice cube trays and freeze them solid, one cube equals one egg, I then take them out and put them into double bagged freezer bags, when you want to use them, just take out the amount of cubes you need and put them in a bowl to thaw out in the fridge and then use as normal.

The second way to save them for later use is to dry them, you again scramble and then cook them, and then into your dryer or oven at a very low setting, dry and then if you want you can leave them as is or you can grind them in a blender to a powder for later use, one tsp of dried powder equals one large egg, to use, mix with water and allow to sit for a bit and then use as required. The ones shown above are dry but not powdered yet.

The third way I put eggs up is to pickle them, some folks like the taste of pickled eggs and others do not, your call on this one but don’t just do regular pickled eggs, consider making them spiced pickled eggs or go wild and make purple pickled egg using pickled beet juice, and they will be the most amazing color when they are ready! Shown below, Purple Pickled egg on a bed of green spinach, drizzle a little dressing on and just yum!

So how do you save eggs for later use? This is a Homestead Barn Hop Blog post.

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2 Responses to Perserving the spring glut of eggs

  1. DEE says:

    I freeze in ice cube trays,too. Use the fresh for eating and only the frozen for baking come winter. I like to use the eggs on my dogs food in the winter,too for a bit of extra protein. My Pyrenees and Austrian Shepard are hard working members of the family! We have half-grown pullets now and 9 old hens that are laying rather odd eggs at the end of their production so some of these are only dog eggs. Usually getting 4 decent eggs which is plenty of us right now. Any reason why they would lay their ex. lg eggs but with a high ratio of white to yolk?? Dogs don’t care!! Was never happy with this breed of chicken anyhow so gone back to Sil-Go-Links who are prolific layers on little feed….the Barred Rocks seem to spend all their time at the feed trough. DEE

    • Thats funny, I use extra eggs for the dogs as well, they sure do love them, I don’t know why they would have extra white as they age, I have never noticed that in my own girls, sorry I can’t help on that. I know that their eggs can get really large, have different shells looks or bumps, and even slightly misshaped eggs as they reach the end of their runs, but I don’t normally see that till they are at least five plus. They only get to live that long if they are amazing broody hens, and then I just switch out their eggs for the new layers eggs and let them sit.

      That is part of what I use the dried eggs for, my old girl has allergy issues and so she gets homemade food daily and I love being able to put in a couple tbsp of dried egg with her oatmeal, pour hot water on top, and by the time its cool, both are good to go, its a great way to add protein to her meals.

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