I want a hambuger steak..

I am putting this craving for a burger on Chiots Run , since this amazing post on her homemade burgers, I have been dreaming about sinking teeth into my personally version of this but there is a issue, and its called March Challange.. I am all out of Beef hambuger, I am out of goat hambuger, and I am even out of lamb… What is a girl to do?

Well if you are farm gal, you thaw out meat, cut it up and grind your own 🙂

Then you take 2 big onions and all your old leftover bread and grind it up as well, add in two fresh eggs, salt, pepper, pinch of hot peppers, some dried and ground garlic, with a touch of basil.

Mix the above well, put in a your trusty cast iron and cook it up, serve with mashed (with the bits out of the pan for extra flavor and carrots with dill

This was a wonderful meal indeed, I did cook off my roast so will have it for tomorrow, and we have eight more patties cooked and ready for different uses, hmm, someone needs to make hamburger buns very soon..

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2 Responses to I want a hambuger steak..

  1. queen of string says:

    Handily, there’s an ace post on chiot’s run, called “bread for every occassion” with their favourite bun recipe ;-).

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