Corned Tongue Anyone?- Part 1

I don’t know if it was all the raving reviews on the other Charcuterie sites or that I have been having the Nanny on as background noise to much lately but when I picked up the full size pork loin (don’t worry girls, it won’t be ready till after the March challange is done) to make into my smoked Canadian Bacon, and I left with a full size Beef Tongue.

DH swears he is not going to eat any, but I keep telling him that when I serve it, it won’t look anything like it does now! Then I got the sucker home and its not pretty like the other tongues on the net.. O no, mines all real looking.. (maybe they trimmed their before the photo was taken)

Noticed that at least half the sites said that the thicker part of the tongue could be hard to get corned all the way though, so I got out a new needle and put some of the brine directly in the meat..

So the really funny part was the first one I did, when I removed the needle the brine shot right back out of it.. made me laugh, so after that, I gave it a little wiggle before taking it out and that fixed the issue.. Then into its full brine and into the fridge, it should be ready in about a week or so.

So anyone want to send me their best corned beef tongue recipes? I’m open to idea’s.. I will share the results..

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5 Responses to Corned Tongue Anyone?- Part 1

  1. I’m drooling. Can I come over to your place in about a week? 😛 And yes, you’re right, that tongue looks very real. My goodness, people who think that meat comes from the grocery store would find that very gross.

    How much did a full tongue cost you?

  2. queen of string says:

    I guess maybe a lot of people peel them before showing them to anyone, and some butchers sell them skinned. Not something I have ever bought, but I remember my nan pressing them with a big weight after cooking and being able to buy tongue, thinly sliced at the deli counter.

    • That’s interesting about the peeling, the book I am working with said to peel after the corning but I will admit that when I cut it into two peices, feeling tha the smaller narrow peice would be ready before the bigger peice, and so I didn’t want to over brine it, I was very pleased with the look of the meat inside.

      Thanks so much for the tip about your nan weighing it down after cooking, that is very good to know and something I will keep in mind.

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