Charcutepalooza March- Corned Beef

This month’s challange was to use a wet salt brine to make Corn Beef for St. Patricks Day.. I picked up a whole Brisket, and was quite surprised at just how fatty it was.. I felt that part of it would make wonderful corn beef, other parts, I felt would make better pot roast.

I made two corn beef, one small and one big.. I had never made homemade corn beef, but we do tend to buy it and have it at least once a month or more, I was very surprised at the color of the uncooked corned beef, but once it started simmering way, that lovely pink hue started and by the time it had finished it was a truly lovely color and fork tender. It was less salty then we are used to but it was more flavorful, we both had surprised O when we sampled it.. it was corn beef yes but it was so much more then that.. Our homemade version had hints of all the extra’s I have brined and pouched it in.. It was just wonderful, I can honestly say that I will be making our own from now on.

Now what to do with that tender, o so yummy Corn Beef..

I took one of my sweet green winter cabbages and slice long stripes, took a nice big onion and some fresh garlic, and peeled and diced it, a tiny dab of oil to cook them in, then in went the cabbage, I let it sit for a bit to get a layer of crispy brown, then flipped, I want it just slighly softened, I then put a tbsp or so of my best quality local butter to melt in, the cubed corn beef and flipped it around to spread the richness of the butter, and finish with a touch of salt/pepper and sesame seeds.

I know that this is not fancy or even creative but o my it was still heavenly..  My big Cornbeef is currently simmering in a pot this morning, and I can’t wait to see what we will use it for over the next couple days.

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7 Responses to Charcutepalooza March- Corned Beef

  1. mom says:

    That looks phenominal. I want it in a sandwich with celery seed coleslaw and hot mustard. I think we will do nothing but cook when I come out. Now I know how my mother felt when she said I had surpassed her. I feel the same, I’m proud of your talent,mom

  2. Stephirey says:

    Nice work…looks terrific! Love the cabbage medley you made to go with it.

  3. marlene says:

    Cornbeef looks great made me hungry just looking at it Marlene

  4. supermag says:

    where do I find the receipe for maple corned beef?
    I bought all the spices to brine my own pastrami and am waiting for eye of the rounds to go on sale

    • I have never put it up yet 🙂 I am planning on doing it myself in the next week or two, so I will share the recipe at that time. Keep an eye out on the blog and it will be coming..

      I just got my beef back and will be lots of curing over the next while.

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