March 8th-Cast Iron

Well, it was time to find a subject and as I was cooking eggs in the origanal non-stick  Pan. Cast iron, I went huh, while its not a food, and the big ones weight a good amount, to be without cast iron would, well it would just be wrong somehow.. What else can you cook anything in, regardless if you are cooking over a open fire, on coals, on a wood stove or in your gas or electic stove, will last you a lifetime of wear and tear, has been hauled all across our great land tied to backpacks, dog packs, horse packs or by wagon.

When I was a young’n an my family was into Rendezvous (Black Powder Gun Clubs), one of the ladies events was the cast iron frying pan throwing contest, I don’t know if this was real or a yarn that I got told as child, but the ladies swore that the the frontier ladies used those frying pans as weapons when needed, All I know is that I spent a fair amount of time (or at least it seemed that way as child 🙂 learning how to hit targets with it LOL They said that you could take guy out in the knees with one of those suckers, and now as a adult having taken a few self-defence class’s , I gotta agree, a cast iron to the knee would really slow a guy down*

*Please note I am not recommending anyone try this at home

Breakfast -DH/FG -Toast with scrambled Eggs.

Lunch-Leftover Stuffing, Took Leftover Chicken/Potato’s/Onions and turned it into a soup, with extra veggies added from freezer (mixed) and a slice of cake (8 x 8 cut into nine) with cold Mint Tea.

Dinner-Waffles with mixed fruit compot on top

Snacks-Watermelon Cake, Dill crackers, 2 buns, and a herb loaf

drinks-Water, Tea, Hot Chocolate

Extra’s- double Batch of waffles made today.

I have 9 different sizes of Cast Iron cooking pans, ranging from little tiny ones, to the typical size to bean pots to meat cook ribs to pancake flat griddle.  What about you? Do you use Cast Iron in your cooking? Are you a wipe out owner or a scrub with soap and reseason owner? Have you used your Cast Iron over the coals to cook outside? What is “the one thing” that you have to cook in a Cast Iron pan only? For me its baked beans.

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12 Responses to March 8th-Cast Iron

  1. Candace says:

    I remember my mom frying eggs in a little one, but she stopped when the new nonstick pans became so popluar and got one of those instead.
    I’m thinking that cast iron is probably healthier for us than modern non-stick pans. The new coating wears down eventually and you have to get a new pan. The coating that wears off gets in our food. That means we are eating the non-stick! That right there makes me want to go out and buy a cast iron skillet!

    • I have read a few to many studies done in Europe in regards to the dangers of those non-stick pans, and even the makers say, don’t use more then med heat on the pan as it will “shed” the non-coating into the food, and yet I have watched person after person crank that heat and or use pans that have scratches on it, o yes, they were eating that non-stick coating, and then started adding it to things that just made me do the “what” like the cleaner for a bathroom toilet that has this product in it so that nothing will stick 🙂 but you are putting that down into the water system. I only have steel or cast iron pots and cookwear with Glass or Cast Iron for oven use.

      This study is scary because its focused on the possable effects they are seeing in children.

  2. Nat says:

    I had bought a couple of cast iron frying pans about 15 years ago, but ended up going to the non-stick pans because I didn’t actually know how to keep the seasoning on the pan. Yes, feel free to laugh, but no one around me used one when I was growing up. So, I just recently started to go back to them and found that they are great when properly seasoned and when you don’t accidentally scrub off all of the seasoning after your first use.

    To clean mine, I tend to use a plastic spatula to get off any stuck on food, and then a dish cloth and a bit of soap, followed by a quick rinse with water and finally dry the pan a paper towel.

    Food that must be made in a cast iron frying pan: bannock 🙂

    • Hey Nat

      There is a trick to keeping that good seasoning on them and sometimes you just need to redo them from time to time, hmmm Bannock gotta love it..

      Which reminds me, need to make bread or quick bread or something along those lines today..

    • Canadian Doomer says:

      Nat, I grew up with cast iron and I STILL didn’t know how to take care of one!

      I do know that my mom was adamant that you never use soap on it. My stoneware is the same – NO soap.

  3. DEE says:

    Don’t know how folks cook without cast iron. I have three, tiny one,medium one, and a big one I found at a junk store already seasoned to perfection. The older pans, made in America seem to season better and you can find them for reasonable prices.

    The one thing that HAS to be cooked in cast iron is fried potatoes. My pans are as slick as Teflon and it is rare that something would stick. I don’t use soap ever. A purist! DEE

    • Hi Dee

      I love hunting for good cast iron pans at the local farm sales, I am still looking for the old fashion corn cob cast iron pans, have yet to find one to date.

      Second hand stores are also a good place to find them, I agree with you the older made ones seem better to me as well

      Fried Potatoes are good, do you like to make potato pancakes as well? The cast iron helps give that amazing crispy brown with no stick to them..

  4. Canadian Doomer says:

    My mom only ever had one frying pan – a big cast iron that permanently lived on the stove. It was almost as shiny as glass, and we wiped it out with a paper towel ONLY because it left black marks on towels.

    Mine, though, doesn’t look like that. It’s all bumpy and awful, and everything sticks. And since I don’t use paper towels, I have no idea really how to get it looking nice.

    • Do you mean that your pan itself when you run your fingers on the surface is bumpy, because if that is the case, I don’t know if seasoning would make a difference, the pans should feel smooth to the touch, I would replace it with a older one found at second hand shop etc, as for the paper towels that one is easy, we didn’t use them either, we just have a few tea towels that were for cast iron wipe out use, yes it can mark them but they go in the wash and that is what they are used for, so it does not matter if they are marked up.

  5. Heidi Tijssen says:

    My cast iron pans do stick terribly, due to misuse, I suppose. But no non-stick pans for me. I had one cast iron frying pan with an non-stick layer once. Now it’s simply a cast iron pan, the non-stick long since gone (eaten by us, must be). It is the best pancake pan I have. Most of the time, the first pancake sticks to the bottom, the rest come out beautifully. The biggest sticking problems are caused when I have baked bacon. Then I need to scrub the pan with soap, which is a pity, because I like the tast of bacon in many other things (spekpannekoeken -pancakes with bacon- with a drizzle of molasses are yummie!).
    As for using the cast iron pans as a weapon, that’s no finding of pioneers wives. There’s a Dutch nursery rhyme about an angry wife running after her husband with the frying pan!

    • LOL, I like that there is a Nursery rhyme about it.. that’s funny.. Thankfully Cast Iron does not have the non-stick layer on them, if its sticking after washing, it needed to be seasoned again, which means that you rub fat (lard or oil) into the pan, all over, botton, sides etc and then you heat the pan till hot, and allow the oil to soak into the pan.. then take off heat and allow to cook, again wipe out with towel afterwards.

      It will look quite different, it will be a dark shiny glossy black raither then a dull grayish black when properly seasoned between use.

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