Hertitage Harvest Seed Catalog

Hello Folks

I just have to send a bit of praise out for one of the little seed catalogs that has come in over the past while, I am not related or get anything back for writing about them, I just happen to really like the fact that they are canadian, and that they have an amazing selection of Heritage Seeds

They are the first catalog that carries Vegetable Marrow (1824) I have ordered the seed and will need to grow it to be totally sure but I swear by what the write up is, that this is “the marrow” that was grown for the orginal mock Pinnapple recipe by Grandma.

This Catalog section of old beans, melons, and tomato’s is stunning to say the least, the rest is wonderful and I like the write ups of how some of the plants came over in the 1800 hundreds with families and have been grown in such and such part of canada for the next 3 or 4 generations and are now available.

If you order from them and grow something different, please feel free to come back and do a guest write up on how the plant did in regards to growth, yeild, flavor etc.

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