This is for you mom..

My Dear Momma wants to know why I never post any of my own short stories or poems on the site, I tried to tell her that each post is like a little short story, which in a way it is.. None the less- for you mom, here is one of my poems..

Sunlight dances on the
hard cold rock of this world
we call home.
We tremble in fear of everything
Why do we live?
What we will do?
How we will die?

Pleasure and Pain intermingle
to the point of ecstasy
And deep inside, the winds of time blows.
uncovering truths locked inside.

The birds sing them
but do we listen
The earth lives them
but do we see
The oceans are them
but do we join
and become one

A few here and there do
but the rest no
We sit and weep bitter tears
of forgiveness for
our own misunderstandings.

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