Creamy Rice Salad in a Pumpkin Serving Bowl

So, this week at my Girl’s lunch out, I was on Starter, and this weeks food is Rice..

So here is what I came up with

Creamy Rice Salad

1 cup of uncooked Red Rice (which if you have never had is as close as I have found to wild rice in taste without the very heavy cost to go with, its a good chewy and nutty Rice) Cooked per instructions. Then put in the fridge to get cold
1/4 green pepper diced
10 mushrooms diced
1/8 Large Purple Onion Diced
1 Stock Celery Diced
1 Large Leaf of Purple Cabbage Diced
1 clove of Garlic-Diced

The veggies were fried up till just starting to soften, then spread out and cooled in the fridge till cold.

2 Heaping TBS of my homemade mayo
1 Heaping TBS of my homemade Greek Style Yogurt
1 TBS White Wine Vinergar
1 Tsp Raw Honey
1 Tsp of my Dried Basil (the spice one)
1/2 tsp of Dried Ginger, Black Pepper, Salt

Mix together the Rice, Veggies and Dressing, Add 1/4 cup raw pumpkin seeds and 8 half whole raw walnuts chopped.

I took a pie pumpkin, Cut it so that the bottom will be 3/4, with top 1/3, cleaned out the insides (don’t forget to keep the pumpkin seeds for later use) and wrapped it up in foil and baked it till just done.

Split apart, drain any extra water inside it and allow to become cold.. Take Salad and fill the inside bowl, then top to be able to serve, just lift the lid and vola..

This salad can be eaten as side for sure but as it was to be a starter, I brought a fresh baked loaf of my sweet, soft and tany buttermilk bread that I made yesterday. So I will cut up the fresh bread to be served with the topping of the Salad..

I will post reviews on it being served that way.. but do consider giving it a try as a side salad.. its very different but O so yummy.. It has a Excellent rating from me personally.

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3 Responses to Creamy Rice Salad in a Pumpkin Serving Bowl

  1. farm gal says:

    Update on this side salad, it is better as side then with the bread but both ladies gave me a excellent on it, Hubby gave it a “pass” only but truly, its a lovely blend of textures and tastes.. It for sure make again..

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