Braised Duck in a Rich Peanut Sauce Recipe

This base of this recipe comes from “Asian” Cookbook Page 209.


Having said that I did make changes to it. I didn’t use beef, I used two Muscovy skinless duck breasts that had been well aged in the fridge (I did a full 3 day aging on them in my coldest part of the fridge)

I also did not have the annatto seeds nor the fish sauce and I used peanut butter, as I didn’t want to mess around with the peanuts/rice mixture. Given that was to help with giving that thicker sauce, I did that with around a tsp of corn starch/water blended to give that thicker sauce.

This all started because I had aged duck breast in the fridge and I have half a swede aka winter turnip that I wanted to use.  The delightful dish above is the result lol.  I didn’t have celeriac root, so I used a cup of regular celery instead. Last but not least, I added in 1 tsp of ginger.. 

I know, I know that is a number of changes but that is the joy of good recipe, you can make those kinds of changes or not and it will still be great.  Bottom line, I would recommend this dish, yes it has a few steps but its smoothly done.  I would like to try it again in the future with beef.


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1 Response to Braised Duck in a Rich Peanut Sauce Recipe

  1. theresa m desautels says:

    recipes are only a guide. well done!
    (I have a recipe for a lamb dish: I have used beef, chicken, pork, never lamb. too hard to get and very expensive in nevada, usa)

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