Mustard Mayo Sauce


Mustard, be it bright yellow and smooth an creamy, be it course with dark brown or even black mustard seeds, or a blend of the above, be it a tiny bit of keens mixed in there for some extra heat..  its used in many ways but often overlooked as a very good and cost effective in making a stir fry sauce.

Because there are so many different kinds of mustard, certainly you can grow your own seed, (the most frugal way for sure) and there is all kinds of price points on different types.. however I made the point of going to the store and making sure that they still sell the big bottle of just no name type mustard at a really great price (so far)

Mayo is the second part of this sauce and I will admit that its a bit hard to find a good price on these or them on sale but if you watch carefully you might find it, again you can go no name, you do not need to go spendy on your favorite mayo to get a good result.. I make homemade most of the time but I have a favorite store kind as well.. (don’t we all!) 

Make your stir fry, pick you veggies, your meats, it can be used over rice, with pasta and even on potatos in a pinch, or just as its own meal..  I am assuming here that you can make a stir fry, I am just on the sauce on this post.. 

a super easy simple frugal sauce..  (our local small single use jars of stir fry sauce which not that long ago was 99 cents a jar went up to 1.99 a few years ago is current sitting at 2.99 to 3.49 depending on the store) That’s a crazy amount to add to a stir fry given the price of veggies.. thankfully stir fries really do stretch the meat portions as well..

At the most frugal its a simple 2 to 1

2 parts mayo to 1 part prepared mustard sauce, a good pinch of salt and at least 1/2tsp of fresh cracked black pepper.. , put them both in a bowl and blend it together and then drop it over the hot cooked stirfry, stir it though to coat everything, turn off the heat, just let it warm though and serve..  

The price point on this is outstanding and you can funk it up..

  • try adding a bit of steak seasoning to the blend, it can be steak or chicken.. both work really well start with 1 tsp and blend it in before adding
  • chicken cajun spice, you would not think it would work but it so does, gives you a spicier dice, add a bit of fresh hotter peppers in the dish and excellent.. 
  • one tsp of worchestire sauce, taste and see if its enough for you if you like that undertone flavour go a full TBSP
  • 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp of lemon pepper.. this will pop that citrus undertone and keep that pepper hit as well.. 
  • Add 2 tbsp of maple syrup.. with sea salt and cracked black pepper with 1/2tsp of hot pepper flakes.

Now lets play with the mustard itself.. 

Grainy mustard, totally different texture and look to the dish

Honey Mustard- its classic and just yummy

Horseradish Mustard- one of my favorites, If I am adding lots of  darker fuller flavoured greens to the dish, this is my go to.. 

the only one that hubby and I have ever tried that be both went.. nope.. was Dijon.. if you love it, try it, maybe it will work for you but not for us.. 

Do you make a Mustard Mayo sauce? if so.. do you have a new spice blend for me to try? What is your favorite way to spice it up? Is the price of Mustard in your neck of the woods still reasonable?



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4 Responses to Mustard Mayo Sauce

  1. valbjerke says:

    My hubby likes the basic yellow mustard, I love the coarse grained style. I actually grew my own mustard once, because – well I’m a boob and get stubborn about things when I think I can make them myself. Separating the seeds out 😂😂 yeah that took some time I’ll never get back. BUT I made some awesome mustards that year. Brown bourbon, dandelion, hunters, hot…
    I still make my own mustards, but I just go buy the seeds now. I much prefer it to any store bought version, and considering mustard seed can be had for cheap in most ethnic aisles at the grocery store, and almost all the rest of the seasonings are already in my cupboard – I feel it’s cheaper. Except the bourbon, which is pretty spendy when you don’t need a lot. However, you can take the rest of the bourbon, toss a couple of vanilla bean pods in it and yum.

  2. Nicola Simmons says:

    I have never had this, but will definitely be trying it. I have prepared mustards, mustard powder and seeds to experiment with. Thanks for this, always looking for ways to bring down carbs, and most stirfry sauces are pure sugar.

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