Home process vs Sending out for butcher

These little guys are not so little anymore..  Most of them are now big and more then ready to go!

However my regular butcher shop had a fire.. at first it was.. it will be back in no time.. ya.. that didn’t happen at all..  then I called this one, and that one, and that one..  No sorry, we don’t do lambs or sheep

Then I found one that does but its halal.. and I sat on it.. I know its done that way and I am respectful for others cultures but I want my own stock stunned and then bled.. not awake, aware and bleed out..

Yes if its done properly is reasonable fast but its my personal choice to not add any extra stress to them on their “one bad day”

I had found one place that was over 2 hours away that could get me in in late jan.. the hauling costs really add up when you are paying by the mile.  It left me sighing and trying to figure out how to get them there.. while looking at my bottom line going further and further into the bad as the hay is being eaten lock stock and barrel on a already low hay year!

I got on the phone again and finally got a lead heading in a direction that I just never go in.. its up from the farm instead of down or over.. hmmm.. a tiny little town next to the Ottawa river and there was a butcher who answered the phone and didn’t say no when I asked if they do lamb or sheep..

Instead I heard.. well I Can’t get them in this week.. Whoot!!!

I was like, any idea when and he was like.. need to check but first week of dec.. HECK YES!!! Whoot! Double WHOOT!

You got to love small shops, call me tomorrow in the morning and I will have my books in front of me and we will get it all sorted..  you got it sir!

So I talked to hubby and we have decided to send all the lambs to be done including our own.. I know, I will save a lot of money if I did it myself..  but I did a huge sigh of relief at the idea of just getting the hauled and done and picking up those boxes of all pre-cut already wrapped meat..

Its was like a weight just lifted off my back..  I had not been looking forward to doing that many lambs at all! I would much rather stuff their fat little faces for another 3 weeks and just shed a tear when they leave!

Heck I might even get my hoggot down this year as well..  If that is the case.. then I have 7 ducks left to butcher and then we will be done for the year!

Does that not just sound wonderful!

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3 Responses to Home process vs Sending out for butcher

  1. mariazannini says:

    I’m so glad you found someone local. What a relief.

    We’ve never sent out our animals, but then I’ve never had anything larger than a hog. If I raised cows that would be different. That’s way too much for me and the hubs to do ourselves.

    We’re doing a goat in December. We got all the chickens and quail done for the year.

  2. valbjerke says:

    These days with time constraints I’m more than happy to send our animals out…..I’m happy to know that if we had to – we could do them ourselves. Sometimes you have to pick the simpler route. 🙂

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