Fast and Easy Lemon Honey Pastry Puffs

It’s a grand idea to have a box of puff pastry sheets or phyllo Sheets in the freezer for when you need to make a fancy dessert or a quick and easy tea treat that is sure to delight!

I pulled out a half roll 8 sheets total of the phyllo sheets and let them come to room temperature, in a small bowl I melted butter and I brushed the inside of each sheet with butter, layer after layer.

Once all together, I carefully spread a mix of very thinly sliced Lemon rinds that had been soaking in honey for a week over the top, leaving about an inch on the outside of the dough.

Rolled it up, sliced it into rounds, into a muffin tin, a drizzle more of lemon bits in honey on top each one and into the 375 degree oven for 15 min (I started checking at 12 min but went 14 min).  They came out golden brown edged and bubbling in the middle.

Get them out of the muffin tin before they cool down and onto wax paper or  non-stick mat to cool (fill the muffin tin to soak right away so it does not dry on hard).  I will admit that a few of them might have been eaten warm.. They were a drippy gooey delightful mess.

However I recommend that you consider serving as I did above, a tiny bit of sugar dusting, a bit of dark chocolate sauce to pop that honey lemon and a few fresh bites of fruit to cut the sweetness now and again..

I do hope you will try these at least once because if you do, you will make them again!

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9 Responses to Fast and Easy Lemon Honey Pastry Puffs

  1. Mary Jean says:

    Oh these notably sound delicious as I was reading but looked yummy in your picture. I have to give them a try! Going to the store to buy some lemons, now! lol

  2. Oh my. I’m off to wipe the drool from my face.

  3. Silveryew says:

    Looks delicious and I like anything that’s fast and easy. I do look out for pastry dough or puff pastry in the reduced aisle as I can’t seem to get it right making it. So much easier to buy it ready made.

  4. Lovely presentation.
    Fab foto!
    Sounds delish!!

  5. Perfect timing – I have some phyllo pastry in the fridge that needs using up. I reckon it will last a week whilst the lemons soak in the honey … and why did I never think to freeze pyllo pastry before? I buy it when I find it in the bargain area so could freeze it to use later.

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