FarmGal’s For Hire Shingle is Out for 2019

Hello Folks,

I finally got my Farmgal For Hire Page Updated for 2019

Thank you to everyone that has hired me over to talk about Permaculture, Gardening, Raising Rabbits, Backyard Chickens, Raising Chicks 101, Growing Fodder for small Live Stock, Working with Creepy Crawlies, How to start and run a worm bin, Composting for the backyard gardener.

Pricing Free(for certain community groups) Standard speaking 45 to 1.30 hours $100 to #200 depending on event and numbers and how much gear or samples I need to bring with me.

New for 2019

Wild for Wild Pollinators!

A combined talk on Mason Bee’s, Leaf Cutter Bee’s, Native pollinators and If you plant it, they will come! Included in the talk will be hands on views of common bee hotels and their pro’s and cons with them, how to make a bee water spot in your yard.  

I have worked hard on this new talk and I will offer a number of them for travel costs only to non-profit community groups.. I look forward to promoting my love for the local wild pollinators.

Coming Soon

Living Soils

Half day speaking events are available.. Price is flexible based on what is wanted but start at $200 and upward from there.

I love my hands on training classes as well, Teaching Water Bath Canning, Teaching Pressure Canning, Bread Making, Yogurt and Cheese Making, How to make cold process Soap, How to make your own homemade Salves.

Hands on Classes average 20 to 40 per person depending again on what group (sliding prices available) and if I am working with others that will be presenting on the same day, if it’s just me.. $40 to $80 per person for a tailored in-depth class.

I look forward to hearing from you in regards to booking me for local community groups and events!

Do you want a smaller group where you know everyone?

Hire me to work a party at your home?

Three hours training session available for $200 hundred for up to 4 people.. each extra person is $50. I will work with you to custom create the ideal morning or afternoon training session.

Want to learn how to make the most amazing sour dough bread.. Always wanted to learn how to make light flaky pie crusts? Want to learn how to scale up your recipes for canning purposes?

Want to learn how to make jelly (its more tricky then you think) or want to take a much-loved family jam recipe and not only learn how to make it but have it gone over to update if needed to make it safe to todays current canning standards?

Want to learn how to make homemade cold process soap? or a healing salve?

Garden or Farm Consult

There are two main types of garden consults available but there is lots of flexibility

Over the phone or computer consult.

Got a certain issue that you want to talk about.. you can send me photos, or a short video to watch for the area? You can do follow-up in the same way..
Great! I am open to giving a helping hand in this way across your gardening or small farm needs.

Price $50 an hour (with one full follow-up written report of what I am recommending) and two short, five to ten minute follows if needed to tweak idea’s and make sure you have great success!

Repeat clients get a discount at 40 per hour.

This is available across Canada by phone and by Facebook/Skype across N.A.

Close enough to have me come in person?

I would love to give you my thoughts and help you create a successful plan to move things forward in a successful way that meets your goals, your dreams and your needs!

1 or 2 hour consults available within an hour of the farm. $100 dollars per hour, includes travel costs and a follow-up report and up to 3 10 to 15 minutes follow ups as needed by phone, Facebook or email.

Half Day consults

Morning or Afternoon are available

3 hours $200 per half day including travel costs (within a hour of the farm) and Follow up report and up to 3 10 to 15 minute Follow ups as needed by phone, Facebook or email.

Because Travel time adds up fast, I do give a discount in regards to the longer Half Day Consults. While it allows us to cover more subject matters and allows us to have a more relaxed pace that can work better for retaining more information.

You are welcome to combine two half days if you really want to go over a number of things on your garden/farm in combo. Max amount of hours is 6 hours with at least a hour’s break for me to recoup/relax and just visit over a lunch

I will travel further then a hour from the farm but I will need to look at and figure out travel costs. Full amount will be shared when hired so there is no Surprises at all

All prices are in Canadian dollars

Photos and Notes are highly recommended but video taping me while talking is NOT allowed without express permission given for personal use only!

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8 Responses to FarmGal’s For Hire Shingle is Out for 2019

  1. Cate Mawson says:

    Farm Gal — you have so many awesome talents. I love learning from you and have enjoyed listening to you at past presentations. You are a great presenter 🙂

  2. Congrats FG! (You GO Girl; )

  3. Wow, you are an amazing fount of knowledge!

  4. Widdershins says:

    This. Is. Brilliant! 😀

  5. onedogrunning says:


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