Farmgal’s Christmas Journel December 2018

Dec 12th to Dec 20th..

I lost my post, I do not understand how I lost my post, but all my little daily notes are gone..  that will teach me to do it in a different format instead of working the post here in wordpress daily and then saving it as a draft.

I broke my tooth and called and got in to have my filling fixed on weds, the tooth didn’t have any major damage, it just needed a filing and the missing bit of filling redone.  It helps when you have a working relationship with your clinic, I called in that morning and they had me in that evening and fixed right up.

However the freezing on my face did a number on me.. I mean it was crazy, my whole side of the face that had the freezing hurt for days with very close to migraine headache for the first 48 hours and even a push of air on my face on day three could put me in tears.

The simple truth is I did not do much, I was so glad I had posts already done for the blog to share and just have very quiet/no light/careful days.

My Christmas present from hubby arrived this week, my new camera

Then Saturday came and what a day it was..  it warmed up, the sun shined down, we were off the farm for a touch, needed to do this and that.. including dropping off our senior packages. 

We had work to do outside while the weather warmed up..  the warm up melted out little patches of green that sent the chickens into hunt mode 🙂

Sunday hubby slept in and I took to the outside to get extreme close-ups in a hoarfrost delightful photo session.

We spent the afternoon setting up a new bird feeding station that is done so that I can hopefully take some delightful bird photos this winter, so far it’s not worked at all but I will give it time 🙂

Hubby had slipped and was a touch sore so we were taking it careful, he got to the physiotherapy and we got some answers and he is already well on the mend, we were already doing great on our own in getting it better, a follow-up is booked after the new year!

Picked up my old glass frames that have my new prescription so now I have two glasses and can switch them on and off for farm vs town. I liked my older ones very much and wanted to have the freedom to choose.

We did an extra feed run on Tuesday and I have plans coming..  The Christmas box’s have been arriving, one from Hubbies mom, one from my mom and one came in earlier from Big Brother and family. hubby and I are only doing stockings, our big gifts have already arrived but we will pretend and get our photos with them 🙂

I was at the store and I did do some stocking up on some basic’s that tend to be on sale on this time of year, baking supplies typically. I was utterly shocked at the prices of so many things in the store.  Even on sale they are crazy high.

Having said that, I am also watching our pantry slowly but surely getting used up, I counted empty jars and we went though x amount out of freezers and 26 pints worth in the past tend days plus cellar goods. I know that is what its there for and its a good thing to be eating it.. it just drives home that point harder to me that I must! have a good garden year in 2019 as I no longer have two year plus on a number of my homegrown staples.

I have not decided what I want to do about that.. do I buy from the store to restock, or do I wait it out and see what 2019 brings does in regards to fresh eating, putting up 12 to 24 months worth of the basic’s depending on what is needed. We will see.. I think it makes more sense to see what my growing year is..

Its been a nicely quiet week but the freezing rain is coming today and we will see how it goes. I will be going out on the ice that is already out there and getting a few extra things done before we lose the light.




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14 Responses to Farmgal’s Christmas Journel December 2018

  1. Silveryew says:

    Ohh dear, I’m sorry to hear about the tooth. Glad it’s on the mend now and I hope you feel better soon.

    I agree, I look at my grocery shopping, especially when I have a large shop delivered, and have started thinking to myself ‘I don’t feel I’m getting a lot for my money anymore’. Everything just seems to be getting more expensive.

    • Hi Silveryew, the newly fixed tooth is feeling back to normal and so thankfully does my face 🙂 It surprised me to be honest that it took that long for the after effects the freeze to stop making it hurt but all good now! So glad it just needed a touch up, no root canal or cap etc.

      I hear you, you do find amazing sales, there is no sales in my local area that can touch some of the sales you get at your local stores. It will become even more important then ever that we produce more of our own food and put it up in useable forms for the rest of the year!

    • Ps, I should have said that we were lucky that we do have insurance and so 90 percent is covered and we just need to wait for the check to come back. so I am grateful for that!

  2. valbjerke says:

    I was pointing out to someone the other day….that the reason pork comes on sale for cheap so often, is because they can sell the ‘waste’ for so much. A brick of lard is over 4:00 a pound here – crazy. Thankfully I don’t have to buy it as like you, I render my own. I just went through all the weekly flyers (they stuff them in the Thursday paper) and the biggest thing that I saw – everything that’s on sale for a decent price is crap. Junk food. Cheezies, fruit ‘cocktail’ juices (read sugar), soft drinks, wonder bread, ice cream……all the staples (meat,dairy, produce) is obscenely expensive even on sale. Brussels sprouts: 2.00 a pound! 9.00for 600 grams of cheddar. Boggles the mind.

    • Hubby loves grapes, so I send you can see if they have any good looking ones, and he came back empty handed.. 6 dollars a pound and he said, he will eat the home raised fruit..

      He did finally grab some banana but otherwise left the fruit section empty handed, I get it, I didn’t do much better in the veggie area.. I walked up and down and shook my head and came out with nothing..

      I agree, paper products, cleaning supplies and laundry stuff on sale.. yup..

      Food.. nope!

  3. mariazannini says:

    Sorry about your tooth! I hate dealing with dental issues. None of it is ever pleasant.

    I want to be better about what I plant next year. I always run out of tomatoes and onions too soon and I always have too much okra and peppers leftover.

  4. Sheri Zone 8b says:

    Yup, with you on the major garden growing year….Whole pantry needs a big re-stock….but always keep your eyes open for those “pantry special” deals. I used up my last jar of peas last week…5 years that last big plant, harvest & canning took me! I did take advantage of a price special and will have those to hold me until I harvest again. We ate all fresh picked peas last summer. Yum!

  5. Oh boy, just looked at the weather radar for Franktown and Ottawa’s right smack in the middle of this incoming system:/
    Hoping you don’t get freezing rain but a smooth change into snow instead. Happy Solstice to All!

  6. Oh, and about the lack of action at your new feeding station… You can’t lose with one of those rodent-proof(resistant; )/large-bird adjustable feeders… Just fill-er-up with straight Black Oil Seed and watch the action start!: ) Lee Valley Tools carries a couple of nice ones. They’re expensive initially, but are worth their weight in gold/saved seed over the years. (Mine is 20+ years old and still going strong: )

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