Farm Photo’s for you all.. a brief moment of warmth..

Yesterday it moved from bitter cold to freezing rain and then finally to rain, it rained all night, melting far more of the snow pack then I would have preferred and then it got up to plus 5c.

That is warm at the moment, we headed off the farm to get a number of things done in the morning and got home for a late lunch.. we headed out to do a few things on the farm and that including grabbing my new camera.

I hope you will not mind me cheating πŸ™‚ I am offering up photos for you today instead of words.. I will be write more words tomorrow!

Pretty little Hen sunning herself up on top of a rabbit hutch!

Same Hatch, what a pretty boy he is.. the genes to produce green eggs are in these two!

I don’t know how many people will remember but there was one hatching that just had a single duckling hatched to a chicken momma, and hubby named it Solo.. well Solo is a big strapping Chocolate Barred Drake..

Its fair to say that I am expecting twins from this sweet girl!Β  Aero is looking great other then she has more wool then I would like but I have hopes that she will shed out fully in the spring.

Sofie has healed enough from her surgery that she has outside time allowed again, I try and keep her in on the very cold days because she is as you can see missing a lot of her belly hair which will take a while to grow back but she adores coming to give a helping paw when we are out working on chore or just hanging out with us.

Patrick is also a follow you all over the farm, dog-farm cat.. what a lovely boy he is!

Spent some time just hanging out with my fab horse’s.. we didn’t work, we just leaned and enjoyed each others company, getting and giving companionship in gentle touches and breathes shared.. It was so nice to just zen with them.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into our afternoon πŸ™‚ O that warmth and sun was so lovely!




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9 Responses to Farm Photo’s for you all.. a brief moment of warmth..

  1. Sheri Zone 8b says:

    Wow! That was beautiful. Even with the challenges “between hot & cold”…..your in an embracing balance. Truly a blessed life.

  2. Silveryew says:

    These are lovely photos of all your critters, I especially like the ones of the sheep ^_^ Can’t wait to see her lambs in springtime.

  3. Marla says:

    Hi Valeria,
    I love all your great pictures especially the turkey.

  4. Looking at your pictures was a lovely, warm start to my day. Thanks for that.

  5. Widdershins says:

    What a wonderful series of moments. πŸ˜€

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