Farmgal’s Christmas Journal December 2018

Thank you for the feedback dear readers, I heard you loud and clear. Folks are liking my little day to day journal. While the days posted will flex, I am aiming for two a week posting of the journal updates, so on average every 3 to 4 days.

So there might be double posting on the same day at times. 🙂

Dec 1st

How did that happen, one more month till the end of the year! wow.. time just flying by.

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, well outside at least, Saturday, we had friends over for the day, they arrived mid morning and we were doing chores after 8 quite late, but we had planned for that and give out extra on the morning chore time. I went to the only butcher that I will buy from and got a smoked pork hock.. we are going to be making a hearty dish indeed and pressure canning up loads of extras

Dec 2nd

Ah, it was a freezing rain day, a hunker down, sleep in with warm fur critters and then a slow stretch up in the morning, it was a bacon, eggs and fresh pastry brunch with eggnog on the side..

Bittersweet memory filled my facebook feed. I miss my Brandy Girl, I know it was the right thing to help her cross over.

She took such good care of my hubby! I have so many good times with my girl before her pain changed her..

We headed to town as we had made a deal for a load of canning jars.. boxes and boxes and more boxes were loaded into the car. We also went to the fish store and came home with more plants and fish for the tank.. Blue Bruce seems to like the company.

There is one “bully” fish in the new ones, I will give it a chance to settle but its on limited time, I do not allow meanness in the sheep flock or the chickens or mean rabbits and I will not allow a mean one in my tank either.

Got Paris a new little winter coat for when she goes out.. she looks right smart in her pink camo.. she is a wee farm girl now!

Dec 3rd

The alarm went off an the day started and then hubby came back to bed and went nope, staying home today to work from home, that changed my days plans, I went from now music up loud, Bread making day to quiet writing day.

It was a cold wet, snowy day with a bitter winds that cut though you, just nasty for everyone, so of course it was a great day to have a new litter of rabbit kits.. momma had pulled a massive nest of fluffy fur and her bigger sleep box was filled with fresh hay, a no look feel only check allowed my fingers to feel a pile of warm kits with full bellies. Looks like pudge should be a good mom, she was bred with brownie.

I have been on the hunt for my present, I am getting a new camera, I love my phone its awesome, and I have a gone thought many smaller farm digital camera over the years and expect that will still happen.

However this is a meet in the middle between the crazy amazing non digital high-end that my dad gifted me years ago that take outstanding photos and my small point and shoot. I want to challenge myself in 2019 to take more photos, on the farm, on my trips and really push myself in regards to at least some of my food photos.

Hubby told me I could match him for his present but I was able to find what I wanted for a lot less and I god I got it at 38% off and free shipping of course. I read and watched a number of overviews and it would appear this is used by lots of bloggers and folks that make YouTube video’s. I want to show you more of the farm in video.. one of the big selling is that this camera will work in very low lighting, so I am hoping to get a lamb being born or a chick hatching or bees in flowers.

I am very excited at the zoom on this camera and also on its ability to be moved to a wide angle for overview photos.. it will be fun to learn how to work it, I have never had this brand before. I am normally a Nikon girl, but they just didn’t have what I wanted at the price point and they were just not going on sale!





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4 Responses to Farmgal’s Christmas Journal December 2018

  1. Margy says:

    I’ve had a few horses over the years. One I had to help pass over because of a bad injury to her leg in the pasture. It was hard, but like you said the right thing. I held her head and stroked her neck until the end, which was almost immediate. – Margy

  2. Terry says:

    Your life always sounds so interesting, if I were much younger I would love to have a farm. Enjoy reading your posts

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