No Buy November -Week 4a

Nov 24th

Saturday, o Saturday.. you were a strange day, woke up to a very cold rain and I started puttering..

Follow ups from the last post, the puppy has someone ahead of me in the reserve list and they got her.. so no new puppy for me.  I did get my cookbooks and I did get hubby’s big present all of them on a truly good sale price.

Got up and got ready to go to town..  There was a part of me that so didn’t want to go to town because I KNEW it would be hard to not spend extra.

I needed to get to the bank so that was the first stop, hubby said Canadian Tire was next, we got the required weather striping as we had run out and still had one window to do, then we got the last two bags of seed starting soil they had ( I am very low and I have some more things to plant up)

We headed to the pet store next for skunk off that can be used on the couch ( I can’t use my homemade mix that goes on the dogs on fabric)  and new filters needed for the fish tank however they had a black Friday sale at 50 percent off on the cleaner we get.. so we got 2 bottles to stock up, one bottle lasts about two months give or take. At what worked out for 2 for 1 pricing I could not walk away from that deal.

I was a bit weepy and sad to be honest..

A dear friend of mine passed away last year and I am coming up to the last time I visited with her.. I miss her, she was a bright light, truly one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She found my blog though the local garden group and we became friends over the years.

I know that it was her time and that she was at peace with it, but its a year later and I am still not.. I still feel like I have not been able to truly say goodbye in the way I wanted..  Karen you were amazing! I miss your voice in my world..

The rest of Saturday was overtaken with the fact that we can not get the truck to start and it looks like I will have to get it towed to town to get fixed.. I was able to get a appointment late in the coming week.

Nov 25th

Sunday arrived for me at 4:36 am

I was awake and there was no getting around it, I just got up with the hounds and the kitten and we closed the doors and let hubby sleep in. I had some quiet moments, did some reading and writing. Did some housework and planned the day out.

We moved the desk/combo that was still in the nook in the kitchen from when my mom was living here and moved them upstairs and moved down a lovely cupboard into that space, it will allow me even more storage room in the kitchen.  Up and down the stairs where done a number of times.

We decided to do some extra cleaning, hubby worked downstairs and I worked on the living room and dining room on the main floor, redid the whole room to a point, cleaning as I went so that we can get the Christmas tree and trimming up and working in the room.

I am going though the work but I am not feeling it yet, other then wanting to listen to the music.. I am on a major Bonny M kick.. that CD is on repeat at the moment!

And the hits just keep on coming.. I almost do not want to write this..  in fact I do NOT want to write this but I have made a commitment to the blog that I try and show both sides to the farm, the good and the sad.

River kitten is no longer with us. It was very sad indeed but its confirmed. I have to admit when they go missing its SO hard because you never truly know what happened. May you rest in peace little girl! Way to young.

We also lost one of our red hens! Last night we locked up the sheep flock early as we could here the coy-wolf pack howling and hunting just down at the creek, way! WAY to close to the farm!

Got a number of baking things done.. but finished the night with hot fresh chocolate chip cookies. I was so ready for this day to end to tell the truth!

Nov 26th 

I woke up late to the alarm clock going off but I had a hard time sleeping last night so I needed that sleep that I did get before the alarm went off..

Facebook memories showed up with my lovely old boy Zander (now passed) and it showed that two years ago, DH, I and my boy went for a snow filled walk in the bush.. he was such a sweetheart of a dog.. while it sound hard, he was even more snuggly then marie is!

The hens were busy over the weekend, the older females are done moulting and the younger hens are in full lay and I have 5 little hens that will come on laying late winter. It seems strange to have so many eggs coming in given the weather but I am grateful for the bounty!

Sofie is healing well from her surgery and after asking and ASKING if she can please go out. I have done my best to keep her in the house, she has taken to stealing leeloo’s toys and “killing” the colorful mice.

Got the window trims repainted, it should have been done earlier but its above 0 and the house is warm.. its melting at the moment but its going to cool down though the day and the snow is coming, it starts this afternoon and we are to get another 4 to 8 inches of it over the next 48 hours.  We already have hear to stay snow on the ground and this will just add to it..

I am just going to have deal with the fact that winter is here a full six weeks earlier then normal! I have some writing to do for a friend and being snowed in, will help me get my fingers moving!

We have company coming this weekend, I am looking forward to it but I also would like to have the house a bit more “in the spirit” by the time they arrive. It will be nice to have a longer visit as we have always only done a dinner type visit for the past years in the city. Its the first time they are coming to the farm 🙂

You know I have learned something doing these daily updates in this format that’s interesting to me..  The “to do”  “recipe” and “farm” “garden” posts do not reflect what is happening in the daily life..

I mean over the couple days I have been working though things mentally in memory of my friend, the lost of River and so forth but the main posts.. they carry on, they touch back and forth but there are times they really don’t..

Its both real

Its both truth

its just a different snapshot of that truth.

Nov 27th

Up bright and early to our lovely snow day! We got a couple inches of heavy wet snow and it will just keep on snowing for all day today and all night.

Hubbies Christmas present arrived on the farm yesterday, I hope that the weather will clear up enough at some point in the next week that he can try it out in our lovely dark sky’s. I will see if I can get a few pictures of the first use.

I am trying to figure out if I should plow out the driveway today or just wait and do it tomorrow after the snow is to stop, up in the air on that one, but I will be shoveling off the walkways and deck etc.

The rest of the books and curtains are out for delivery and so I am looking forward to getting the living room curtain up later today and I am super excited about the books I got for my library. I have big plans for them and how they relate to the blog in 2019.

Got the tow truck booked to pick up the truck and haul it in to figure out what is wrong and get it fixed.

The chives, beets and more salad greens are up in the indoor grow area, the bloody docks are doing well as is the tomato plant. A certain kitten got into a violet and three big leaves had been knocked off the plant.. BAD KITTEN!

Its starting to get to be a challenge to plan meals because pretty much everything needs to be planned ahead or you can have eggs.. we have lots and lots of fresh eggs.

Last night I was craving Flapjacks with lots of butter and maple syrup.. so good! Thick fat fluffy flapjacks.. 

I am honestly surprised at how many cans of milk I have done though this week, I really! look forward to when we have fresh milk on the farm again!

Now onward for the day and I will finish today in the next post..





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11 Responses to No Buy November -Week 4a

  1. I am sorry to hear about your losses. November can be a cruel month.

  2. Marla says:

    When you have someone so special in your life I don’t think you can ever forget them or stop missing them. Always remember how much they added to your life and how blessed you were to have known her and know that she is at peace – so please try to find peace too. Sometimes you have to work it on every day when you lose someone you care so much about and no matter how many years go by you never stop missing them. On the up side your flapjacks look delicious and over all you had a very productive week. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

  3. valbjerke says:

    It’s been a year and a half since I lost my mom…..very unexpectedly. I have come to accept that some days I’ll be fine, some days will be shitty – and realize there’s nothing wrong with either scenario – and it’ll take as long as it takes to deal with it. There is no timeline for grief. Recognizing that, has helped me a lot.

  4. Silveryew says:

    I’m so sorry for your losses. Life can be cruel sometimes.
    I am glad you’ve gotten a bit better, as it sounds like you’ve got some of your energy back.

    • Hi Silveryew, It was very sad, Iife and death is part of the farm but it does not make it easier when its a unexpected loss. I am feeling better, so much better and yes, I have much more energy, I am still building back up to my norm. Having said that its just so nice to wake up with some GO!

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