Mini Icestorm, power out and flames?

They had closed the schools and warned us all that we were going to have a messy and icy afternoon yesterday so that at least was expected.. hubby came home from work to tell me that the roads were indeed even in 4 by 4 mode slip an slide.

He also came home to candle light, as we had lost power.. I called the power company to report it and they said.. fixed in by five hours.. ok.. so I heated water for hot tea’s and we had a cold supper out of pantry.. It was all standard at that point..

Then we started chores and hubby came back from the big barn and said.. there are flames in the field next door.. and we both went huh.. so slipping and sliding in our truck we drove up the road by about 300 yards to realize that the power line was down.

It had snapped on the other side the road just past the drive way of the only other farm on our road, we knocked on the house to try and tell them but they were not home but without care, it could have been very bad if they drove out of their lane. The line had also come down on the back half to the field beside ours, it was at the area that we call the running road as its a favorite to ride the horse’s on to the other bigger hay fields.

On our side it was sparking and dancing and just now and again bursting into flames.. Ok then, so back to the house, back to the phone an call the power company to report a DOWN ACTIVE LINE and the response time on that.. mear minutes to pull first one and then two crews to it..

They had it fixed and power back on within a hour of me calling in the down line.. clearly that gets a higher call out then power out does.

Needless to say, it was a interesting evening.. just not in a way we were expecting!


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3 Responses to Mini Icestorm, power out and flames?

  1. Wow, exciting like that I think I could do without; glad no one was hurt!

  2. Widdershins says:

    That must’ve been something to see! 😀

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