No Buy Feb -Wrap up 2017

Well, as you saw on the farm wrap up for the month, its been a high cost month, trust me when I say, that unlike other years when I truly feel that we saved money, this month.. not at all.

However, I will say this.. since the last weekly round up, we have said, No Buy Feb at least 30 times.. and so that is 30 times that we didn’t buy that coffee, or get that thing or x y or z

It was the kind of month where you just wanted to have a few little things extra for comfort, and we were good about that.. extra came out of the pantry, out of the freezer and was made by scratch.


So I did pay my ten dollars to race.. but we did pack a cooler and bring a bag of goodies with us to the event, and let me tell you, that the group of teenagers raided it very well lol


I did spend a  bit of money printing some photo for a dear friend of mine, I do not nor will I get permission to post any of them online or on the blog.. but her much beloved mare turned 25 this past week and that is getting up there in horse years and she has had her since she was a weaned baby..  She is very much her heart horse and I wanted to give her the gift of photos with her girl.  I love my photo with my Brandy but I wanted and put it off, and put it off and so we did it to close to her day of passing..  Time will help remove that blending of memories for me..


I didn’t want her to have that.. I wanted those memories to be clean, filled with love and laughter and that is just what we got..   I even sweet talked her into allowing me to get a only her photo shoot in..

It was unplanned but it was 40 dollars spent in a way that I know will be a good thing for many years to come!  No regrets on this one at all.. it was a make memories day for all of us and those are blessings indeed.

So my overview for No buy Feb in 2017,  strangely challenging..  it just seemed like this month was a time where everywhere I turned around there was something.. some of them were no question asked.. Call the vet etc

Others were timing like the photo shoot talked about above..

But others, they were just there and it seemed to be never ending.. and I am not sure why it seemed so in our face this year compared to others.. hubby struggled with it in regards to work, I struggled with it on and off the farm.

I am giving this year’s rating a mear 2.5 out of 5.. I don’t feel like we nailed it, but I don’t feel like we truly failed either..  it was just a slow slog.. kind of like the rest of the month, just as we seemed to have never ending storms be it snow, freezing rain, or strangely for us thunder storms with wild winds and rains..

The month felt in some ways the same way.. we got it done ..


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