Snow.. Its a snow day..


They told us it was coming.. o yes they did, and we could see it on the radar, be blogs of green and pink as far as the screen could show, they said, a foot, then they said a foot and half, then they said.. hey two feet of snow..


Saturday is started to snow, just light snow.. pretty snow.. then it snowed all day sunday.. light falling snow, but steady.. the kind of snow that lets me take pictures like the ones above, the temp warmed up (compared to the deep freeze very cold temps for the past week) and the horse’s played and loved it..


We had a fire, roasted sausages and marshmallows over it as a treat, but mainly we did farm prep for the coming storm, we hauled extra everything, we topped up bedding, feeders and we put out double hay, because that is what they use to keep themselves warm.. they eat themselves warm 🙂


And then it really started to snow.. it was darn near white out conditions, we called and moved everyone into the barns, the stalls and the lean-to.. even the non-expecting sheep were moved inside.. so they could shake off the snow and settle in for the storm to come..


The ducks are as stubborn as always, sitting up on the snow bank in front of their warm house huts.. and with that darkness fell.. it had been a shadow less day.. so overcast that nothing was coming though..

We had moved the truck to the end of the driveway early in the day on sunday.. It was a good call. The alarm went off at 4am so that we would have extra time to shovel out the end of the driveway.. Thankfully Farmer R had the same thought, he was up before 3am to clear out the area on his farm to allow the ladies milking time an such..  so he was able to use the big blade to clean out the end of the driveway where the snow plows had closed us in but good..

He came back a few hours later with the bucket and tractor and cleared out lane, that had to be a record, twice in one week for us is very odd, normally if we get help even once a winter that is all.. but I am so glad.


officially without drifting,  my measurements says we got 18 inches of snow in 24 hours, but that means that we got 4 inches on Friday, 7 inches on Saturday and 18 on sunday, for a grand total of 2 foot and 2 and half inches of snow in three days..


With drifting.. o my.. this is the top of my five foot sheep fence at the front edge of one of my gardens, (this is in fact one of my early, normally first planted gardens LOL).. what do you think folks.. 8 inches, 10 inches maybe showing..  We are going to need to dig out the fence line.. so much fun!

Well, I came in to warm up, grab some lunch and take a break, I had better get just a bit more done yet.. Stay safe everyone that got hit by this storm! As for the rest of you in warm climates and such.. enjoy the snow photos.

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5 Responses to Snow.. Its a snow day..

  1. Widdershins says:

    My last few ‘snow’ posts have been some of my most popular! … For all the work it entails there’s something wonderful about snow. 😀

  2. J&D: It’s a long long time since we’ve experienced anything more than 6 inches!

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