No Buy Feb Update-Week 1

1 025What a challenging start to No Buy Feb, It seems like every time I turn around, I am having to say no..  it got to the point that even my dear hubby had a bit of a bad day over it.

Nothing like feeling bad, when your man looks at you and says, I wanted to do this but could not, without breaking rules that we choose to place on ourselves.

Made me feel very bad, got him more baking that’s for sure, and at the same time, I love that he takes these things to this point.. because otherwise, it would just be a touch to easy to cheat.

So the good things so far, the house still have everything you could want as long as you raid the pantry, cellar and freezers.. I have been baking a touch more then normal, we have had very cold weather and we are all craving soup, stews and carbs and we have been making popcorn as our snack.

We still even have a touch of fresh fruit left in apples, oranges but we have lot of canned, dried and a goodly amount of frozen fruit as well.

We have spent far more then I would have liked on a no buy feb on the farm, its allowed but I still try and keep Feb to a min but there was a few things that had sales on that where a touch to good to pass on.   The things got where on the my farm list of “get when on sale” and they came on sale.

We got a extra big extra strong new farm sled (its for outdoor work and fishing) but it will work perfectly for the farm, I have had my eye on this very sled at the feed stores but its a 400 dollar sled with parts including the bars for the quad.. and I could not just buy the sled…  way to much money.   So you can imagine how excited I was to see the same sled without the kit (available on the side) on sale for 160. Still crazy costly but its got a ten year warrenty on it and it will fit a lot of buckets or hay bale, and in a pinch, logs and such, its can carry up to 600 pounds.. Its a work horse! It was sold out, but they ordered in from a different store, so we don’t have it quite yet but soon.

Otherwise, this week also hurt on the critter cost front in terms of vet products and fees, between topping up the lambing kit (a post on that will be coming) and getting two more of the farm cats altered, it was a whimper worthy..  you will see the final cost total on that when I do the month round up..

So now for the bad.. I had a dear friend coming to the farm for the day, we were planning on a on farm visit and I was so looking forward to it.. the day came and it was very! cold, and then the power went out, for the whole day.. I blinked.. and then I blinked hard..

Now I take a total fail on this, because I could have stayed home, I could have figured it all out, but I didn’t, when my girlfriend pulled in the drive, I said.. I have no power, its not expected on till 4, and I promised you a awesome lunch and visit..  we are going to town..

She tried to pay for lunch so that it would not count towards the No buy feb and I am grateful for the offer, but I declined and said, I did it, I will own it..  so yes, I went for fish and chips, I got a lunch special so I had soup, lunch and  coffee all included.. $20 dollars by the time I gave a good tip and paid the meal and tax.

I would like to tell you that was it, but then she said, church basement.. I can do church basement without spending I have done it many years before, so I was truly surprised when I walked out with a “walker” for my mom to use for uneven ground on the farm, and a cast iron pan.. but I did..  Now I could have not gotten the cast iron pan but it was a great deal and I snap up good cast iron when I find it and when I find a 40 dollar plus pan for 2 dollars, it’s coming home with me..

The walker was something that I have been looking for to add to my just in case collection and it was 5 dollars, its in very good shape and worth a lot more..  it might be a No buy Feb fail but it was one worth it..

I did allow one girlfriend this week to buy me a coffee from Tim’s as well.. but I have always allowed friends to do so if we are out and about and they offer ( I can not ask) and that own it here.

Now we are coming into a 3 day weekend here on the farm, and we have work planned but its so cold, we will see. we will be focused on getting the critters needs meet, a bit of a plan to do a build in the big barn but it had better warm up or that might not be happening..

Sometimes you need to let the weather help control what you will and will not due..

So there is my first week, much more tough then normal, which surprised me to be honest..


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1 Response to No Buy Feb Update-Week 1

  1. grammomsblog says:

    I’ve been making lots of comfort food too: stew, lasagna, cinnamon buns (several batches)! I crave these in the cold, sunny winter months.
    Great post!

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