Jan Farm overview

dscn0913Ok, I am wanting to track this down for this coming year.. we are in the heart of winter right now, cold an snow.. but I can see the sunshine that is coming! I have faith that at the end of the year that my numbers will show a positive an then some 🙂

Costs for Jan 2017


Feed- $21

Straw- 20

Farm Outputs:

Eggs: 4 dozen  at 5 per dozen as eating eggs- $20

Manure: Finished composting down.. at least 50 dollars worth of compost produced this month.

Farm extra’s Costs

Two metal hay feeders – $80.00

Sheep loose mineral feed -$28 per bag x 2

Heat lamp with breaker switch built in $40

Farm extra’s..

hardware – $210

Ferrier -$80

Vet- $360

Fishing Paperwork- 30.00

Garden Overview Jan

Total Garden Costs -$ 86.60

Total Garden Return – $248.00

Total Out cost for Jan on for the farm -$1 ,297

Total output of the farm in returns -$268

Jan – In the hole -1,029

What a great way to start the year 🙂

I know that this post is coming out one day early but I will adjust if needed but as I am home on the farm and have no shopping plans..

Goals- No selling of anything off the farm is planned, the saving costs are what we would have to pay if we bought in the local free market to replace what the farm produces that improves our lives.

Its a tracking year..

and also I have had and seen a number of comments many times of folks saying, my 5 acres and under homestead needs to pay for itself.. well, I like to think mine does, I like to think that a well-run homestead can do just that! So lets see if I am right or not?


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4 Responses to Jan Farm overview

  1. valbjerke says:

    I did a quick calculation on a whim this morning. The only thing we still sell off the farm is eggs (25 dozen in January). Hay, grain, feedstore – 500.00 Grocery store 150.00 including sundries.
    Unplanned costs: 250.00 to pump our septic tanks out as the line to the sewer lagoon is frozen. 200.00 to repair water well pump.
    I wish I could calculate the value of the food we eat (as if we had to buy it from the store) but I don’t know what the cost of food from the store is any longer and never seem to have time to wander around and check the price of cuts of beef, pork, chicken and vegetables, bread, butter etc. etc. Maybe I’ll set something up and keep track along with you. 🙂

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