New Years Eve..


Its New years Eve and we are home on the far tonight.. we will be ringing it in with each other, hounds, purrpots an if it ever stops snowing and storming, with the horses..

What I will not be doing is making plans, o I am bucket listing, much more on that tomorrow, but I am free flowing it for 2017.

I have many things that are coming, I hope and will work on many of them an ideally they will make it to the blog, but I refuse to allow myself to get caught in my.. must do this or that.. I have a project or two finish and I will because winter is coming, that means I will have more time but I have learned, when lamb birthing, milking, gardens an more come, I can find writing time lean, and some how no matter how good photos are, I can not do more then one or two post a week in just photos without feeling that I need to write as well 🙂

2017 is going to be a year in flux, when I took a course at my last romance convention, it was about if you are a plotter or a pantser aka, you fly by the seat of your pants.. most of the time I am in fact a list maker, a plotter, a planner right up to the doing an then I am a free flowing fly by the seat of your pants gal..

I have looked at 2017 and I am telling you.. its going to be a wild ride..

Yesterday, we went for a awesome friend  visit in the city and did a bit of shopping, we went to cabela’s and I got a new lift kit, the bar is rated to 1500 pounds and pully set to 4,000.. sweet!

and then I said to hubby, lets go bowling.. now we have not bowled together since Yellowknife in 2000.. so its been awhile..


Dear Hubby was the high score winner at … drum roll please…


yup, 216… not bad, not bad at all, for a five pin..


My best game was 173.. and I will take it..


I had forgot how much fun this game is and I also forgot that after a solid hour and a half and four games that it can be a workout as well lol

Today is the last day of 2016..  another year closed.. a new one starting..

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  1. Widdershins says:

    Happy New Year for tomorrow. 😀

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