Seed catalogs are coming in

Well, I am pleased to see the seed catalogs coming in, I am very looking forward to 2017 garden season, I have my grow lights up an on for microgreens for salads  to go with my sprouts..


But I made my list and then I checked it twice.. then I looked at my pantry, I looked at my cellar and I looked at the food prices and then news..  the loonie is to go as low as 65 cents to the us dollar, I looked at the fact that in Ontario, those growing food are leaving the province due to the high cost of power, I looked at the reports on the rising food costs

Then my commercial catalog  for my soft fruits came in and I read it and took a deep breath, after over 60 years of business, they are stopping growing Ontario different soft fruiting canes, strawberries and so forth, they are going to import from the states at 3x the price per plants, plus a paperwork fee.

and then I went back to my list, and I sighed and took off many “play” and fun try this and that items and I pared that list down hard. I have a number of produce that I had seed back from or held over and I am adding in growing upland dry rice.

But overall, I am taking back to the basics, the heavy produces, the proven, and the old faithful.

What is your plans in regards to your garden in the coming year?

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3 Responses to Seed catalogs are coming in

  1. My catalogues are arriving too, but I haven’t had a chance yet to sit down and plan. I would love to hear more about the upland dry rice. Will this be your first year trying it? I am going to go look it up, and see if it is something I could grow here.

    • Hi Morris Brook Farm, I will be doing a full post on the rice, its just arrive here, and I wanted to hold off posting about it, till I had the seed here on the farm 🙂

      Its a upland (aka, dry land, non-flood needed rice) that is Russian in history, it can be grown up to zone 4, and they say can take a light frost.. needs 120 days but can be early started by 3 weeks to go out just after last average frost date.. biggest investment that I can see is that it had to be bird netted.. I will be posting a lot about it in 2017, as well as my fourth year for the sweet potato’s locally, and also the 3rds year for the big local landrace butternut squash, plus my 3rd year for the old heritage storage pumpkin breeding plans.

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