As soon as the ground can be worked- spring peas

Micro-climates are amazing things, compost is such a heat producer.. you just have to love it..

You will remember that last year I caved and put in gardens in the front people yard because I could and needed the space, and that it was so much drier and ready to be worked..

Well, that was once again proven yesterday, the normal time I can dig and plant the very, very early in the main garden is April 15th in the High point of it, and weeks later on the lower wetter areas

I checked what I thought would be the first ready, the raised beds, cause, every single book will tell you, that well done raised beds will heat up faster then in ground..

well, micro climate can put the coulda, woulda and shouldas into eh?

Normally I move my rabbit hutches to a certain sheltered spot each year but last year, I decided to move them to a different spot as I wanted to clean out that area really well

I spent a good amount of the garden work time, walking around with a nice three prong tool testing the raised beds, froze solid, going in half inch or more, how fast down to ice still in soil

We had two clear winners.. The tower, I think the metal frame combined with the raised bed and the water below with created a composting effect is why it was thawed and ready to plant, the tower is metal shelving, its 5 plus feet tall and its having blue pods, the very young are eaten like snow peas, the old are a dried soup pea

Blue Pod Capucijners (pre 1800)

A beautiful heirloom pea that is pretty enough to grow as an ornamental. Tall vines grow 5-6’ and the flowers and pods are purple. The very young pods can be used as a snow pea and the large olive green to brown seed is excellent in soups.

The second kind of snow pea that was planted was

Dwarf Gray Sugar

Introduced in 1892 by D. M. Ferry & Co. but is surely a much older pre1800’s variety. The dwarf productive vines produce snow peas which are great for stir fries or steaming. The purple flowers are ornamental as well

but the one most planted is a old faithful, a awesome producer, good old bush type, homesteader from the 1970’s


and the homesteader being a bush pea went into the second area, the old rabbit hutch area will be a garden this year,  its enough space to do three 15 feet rows, this was not just a bit thawed, this was amazing, light and fluffy with lots of worms.. while I cleaned the area last fall of the top rabbit poo and bedding, I have left about a extra 8 inches or so of well rotted rabbit compost, and its going to be a growers delight.. the pea’s will be ready for picking by the end of may, and I will be pushing for the first major cropping and then I will be pulling and replanting the area for a second crop..

In P1060265

In the end, we found enough just ready or in the case of the rabbit garden, really ready,  ewe planted three kinds of pea’s and 75 feet in total on March 27th





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4 Responses to As soon as the ground can be worked- spring peas

  1. berryabundantlyblessed says:

    We planted peas and beets yesterday!!!! There is something about working the ground that ushers away all the rest of winter. I am hoping to get my spinach in soon as well.
    So glad you were able to get out there and get in the dirt!!! its invigorating!

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