Happy Easter!

I hope that your long weekend is filled with whatever brings you peace, be it a quiet one at home, or a weekend filled with family and lots of little ones.

March came in like a lion and is going out the same way, we had yet another storm and snow and ice, but we only caught the tail edge of it, so it was melted and gone in two days..

But the farm has been either ice or mud so the babies and their mothers are in barn lock down.. they are all doing great! Juno is slowly but surely developing a bag on her which makes me very happy indeed. So looking forward to adding in a kid or two to the herd along with the lambs.

So I need to get back to our own weekend and so I leave you with lambs!P1060224

Love this photo of them all lined up to get some of the hay, we had tipped the core of the round bale in and so everyone was enjoying their nibbles, there are nine of them in this photo..


Ps, this healthy ewe lamb is shadeback, and she was my weak lamb but as you can see.. she is as healthy as can be now!



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1 Response to Happy Easter!

  1. meixinmom says:

    Happy Easter! Thank you for all you do.

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