Melting weekend-garden

Much to my pleasure, got to find time to put in a few hours on sunday in spring cleanup and combo it out in regards to the front yard garden. I was on a course from 9 till 3 on sunday.

Hubby and I enjoyed working together, but he noted that we are a full month ahead, I both agree and don’t.. in the main garden, we have two plus feet of snow, in other yard gardens, same thing.. the reason I caved last year and we built the front gardens last year a) I wanted more garden space but b) this was the area that let us work it weeks earlier an that is proving true again this year.


So it was suiting to put in a couple hours of manual work, we have decided to build some new rabbit hutches this year, but none the less our current hutches have a winters worth of garden gold under them, well as many layers as possible till you hit frozen 🙂


The front garden is the first to appear.. the raised beds are up higher, heating up faster and the water around and under them is melting, full sun, lots of layers from last year and spring water and you can see them composting in place..


so it was a perfect day to start adding the spring compost top up, different gardens will get different things, but the rabbit poo, leftover hay and straw mix is a cool manure, no issues placing it directly into the bed as long as I choose what is planted there with care.


Last fall, at least a dozen full wheel barrels of 1st year compost was added around the teepee and the garden area was expanded and the compost there is already peeking though the snow.. I think we might need to put the ladder up inside and clean up the material from the top..


this week, I will be getting out and checking on the state of a number of bushes, I was very surprised to see buds on the lilac yesterday, I want to see how the clove currents made the winter.. today we expect freezing rain they say.. we will see..



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4 Responses to Melting weekend-garden

  1. Your budded Lilacs are just what I’ve been worried about here as well… The grass started greening up last week and it’s been raining since last night; high single/ low double digits temps also since last week: assuming that sugaring season is finished. Don’t know how good the run was this year. ):

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