Spring, gardens, muck and lambs..

What can I say, I am so busy outside on the these first days of warmer melting weather, and busy with lambing, that I am behind on my blogging..

So once again, this is a photo heavy post 🙂 but its wee lambs..  and a few other things.. lol


The main garden is still under a great deal of snow and in need of spring clean up, the only garden that didn’t get a fall clean up.. figures.. but at least as the rest are all done, it will mean more time for this one.


The current lambs are all doing great, growing like weeds and soon I will be able to start doing milk sharing, very excited about that..


My only set of wool lambs are black and White this year..so cute, this is Blackie, the ram lamb of the set, his sister has a bit more white.. love this wool coat on him, he is greatly taking after his father in wool type.

Speaking of wool, I have my March Invest in the farm coming.. (it might have something to do with sheering the sheep) because someone does not want to hand sheep if not required.. power all the way..  This weekend and over the next while, I will be practising shearing on Ice and then I have a coat on Whiskey, which I am hopeful that will have useable but I held back my old full wool lamb from last year, he will be sheared, and will be working with his wool as carefully as possible and see what I can get made out of it.

I will have white and black wool to work with this spring..


But I am so bad at just hanging with the lambs..


Having said that, I need to get more seeds started, I need to get pens ready for moving birds into breeding groups and I need to get a my spring hot box made along with a number of other spring things including grooming my mucky horses and getting my walks in..


Are you just loving spring! Are you getting busy now! or are you still in winter mode?

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2 Responses to Spring, gardens, muck and lambs..

  1. Love all the cute lambies! Can’t wait for ours to arrive! We are still in winter mode here. Our spring busy-ness kicks in in 2-3 weeks. Looking forward to it!

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