Because I have tried everything I can think of in terms of getting this to post in, which I used to be able to figure out on the old way to post..  but not on this one..

If you want to see the wee hatched chicks then you need to pop over on this link and watch it on facebook, its a open to anyone video.

My small test batch is hatching out well at the moment, and we are just about done with this hatch, and have had a good result so far, we are just waiting for the last eggs yet. The ones that have hatched are active, bright and strong. I can’t wait to get them out of the hatcher and into the brooder where I can take photo for you.

Speaking of which, my laptop is acting up at the moment, so I am on hubbies, I am hoping that the fix will be covered by warrenty because its a newish one. we will see..


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3 Responses to Hatching Babies..

  1. judy says:

    Can’t wait to see your chick pic! I’m not on facebook. Are these your chicken eggs or quail?

    Did you make it through the deepfreeze yet? It’s warming up here today & Mon…it feels wonderful!

    Happy Valentine Day!

  2. judy says:

    That’s a perfect pic of hubby & you on Valentines Day!!!
    OOOOOOOH your chicks are beautiful!!! How long is the hatching period?
    Do you have a automatic incubatur or turn by hand? I’d like to try hatching chicks this year. I’d be grateful for any advice. thanks!
    Are you in southern ON or more northern?

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