Handing Down Memories


Got a lovely gift in the mail, my mother in law sent me her first tablecloth and napkin set that was got just after my hubbies parents got married, so she had it in her home for 50 years the little note says, that the main table cloth reminded them of the lace on her wedding dress and it was time to pass it down to us, how lovely, I figured it only fitting to dress the center pieces with past gift from her as well. Hubby comes by his love of rocks honestly.

Thank you for our old – new tablecloth set!

What was the last thing you where gifted from either family or friends that had age and story to go with it?

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2 Responses to Handing Down Memories

  1. judy says:

    What a WONDERFUL gift!

    We treasure old loved items!!!! We were gifted 2 very OLD angels! I friend handed me a box & said we’d know how to put them back together. They both turned out beautiful & we love them!!!

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