Investing in the future.

Now I have read all the doom and gloom, I keep up with the news, I can see the unrest, the problems of the day, week and year, I have a firm understanding of the job losses that are happening everywhere, that 38 dollars a barrel is very bad, that our dollar is at a huge low, that the cost of power, the cost of food, the cost of almost everything is going up, other then wages, or interested paid out.

However I am the glass is half full type, and while I am proactive on causes I believe in, I focus on what I can do, and this coming year, we have decided to put more money, thought, and time into the homestead in ways to create even more of a buffer zone between steady as she goes and a much rougher road..

Of course we will continue to pay off the farm as fast as possible, but this is about something different, then what I read currently on a number of blogs, its not about saving money, cutting back, finding ways to go without, I know how to do that, we have done it for years here, its in huge part the very reason we have a bit extra to invest into these extras, its about spending money to increase the daily future of our homestead, and our lives.

I will continue to find ways to help my family, friends, community and so forth, its important to share a helping hand, to share knowledge, to share seeds, to blog, blogging is a huge part of me sharing to a much wider world.. but


So in keeping with that, there will be one to four posts (plus possible followup) per month on this subject over 2016.

The ideal is simple, as simple does often work better then anything else.

  1. one bigger ticket item that will reduce the farm work load, in some cases this means allowing myself to move over to power or gas tools, but only with non-power off grid backups in place as well. This ideally in most but not all cases should be something we have worked around for years and know we want.
  2. One smaller item, project or repair per month, ideally this is to be something takes current knowledge and skills and fills in gaps
  3. One new indepth book on a subject per month to the homestead library
  4. One new plant- be it ordered, planted, grown or harvested added to the farm, it must have very solid reasons given and at the end of the year a report done on it, this is to be a mix of things.
  5. 20 dollars at the dollar store per month to flesh out current kits and to maybe do a new one or two.

I hope that at least one of the things being done will be worth it to my readers, many folks that blog about homesteading are quite new at it yet,  it can be good to see what folks at the ten year plus mark are looking at, even if you are homesteading in your city or town backyard, the garden, seeds info should be helpful and if you live in a apartment on the 10th floor, the kits are still a great idea, and knowing  how to put them together is a worth it, and they will work for a number of things by the time I am done

So while I have a pretty good list already, if you have thought on what you might like to see, please drop me a note in the comments


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2 Responses to Investing in the future.

  1. Deb says:

    Looking forward to this!

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