5 Years on wordpress..

Wow, five years blogging! and a total of 2, 369 posts.. I have written enough words over the years to have published 5 novels, how amazing is that!


To which I say!


Thank YOU!!! to all my readers of the blog, be it though wordpress, twitter, the facebook page or the other ways you find me..   Thank you for dropping by, thank you for comments, thank you for telling me that my recipes are served around the world

I love to know that my rabbit pate is now a Christmas favorite for a family in England, I adore knowing that a host of someone’s in BC are eating my grandmothers pie crust when they buy at the local farmers market!

I love that the knowledge and information flows and spreads, I like that I can be reading a blog I like and suddenly find they linked to my blog! Thank you! I am honored that you found my words worth sharing!

Thank you to my regular readers that have become in person friends, or private facebook friends that I am in touch with daily..

Thanks to my family that reads the blog! I feel a connection when my cousin says, we did that too, remember when back in the day!

I am grateful that you choose to give me one of the most important gifts in today world..

Your time!

Your truly Farmgal

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1 Response to 5 Years on wordpress..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Happy 5th, FG!! (It’s been GREAT so far!; )

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