Juno- Six month photo

While this is not a long update, I did want to share a new photo of juno, she is six months old and I really like how she looking.


She has a best buddy in ice the sheep ewe, this is both a blessing, and a dang, I would have preferred she made friends with a more people friendly sheep, but we are having a nice middle ground an juno while not into pets yet, is calm, steady and interested, she often hangs out around us, sniffs hands and make calm eye contact.

She is doing a great job at pasture cleanup, wee baby trees, gone, lots of things that I went, hmmm over, thinking I would have to hand cut are now eaten off.

She can jump in and out of the sheep dry lot area, so she jumps in to sleep the night and she jumps out to graze the pasture, she is quite respectful of the fences to date.


Her frame is lovely! Great bone, that long body, perfect for carrying twins, and she still has a sweet face..

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2 Responses to Juno- Six month photo

  1. Bill says:

    She is a beauty.

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