Busy, Busy but o so much getting done..

Ok, I will get a post up on what we did in the garden, as I want to talk about cold weather early spring planting, you know those seeds you can get into the ground when the ground is just workable.. things raddish, kale, beets, peas and those from the cabbage family..

DSCN5304 (2)But first we need to find things for the really important stuff, like spending time together, husband, Horse, Hound, Fresh Air, and moving those feet.. What a great off farm date it was 🙂

DSCN5282 (2)

Then we need to check to see what nature has growing in the food forest..


such a pretty plant Mullin is.. useful as well..


But the Pussy Willows are out.. Stunning..

We did work.. honest!!!




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2 Responses to Busy, Busy but o so much getting done..

  1. Sheri says:

    Spring! I’m always watching what’s in bloom between my home and my daughters place. They are more in-land and in a bit of a cold pocket. Our pussy willow was blooming February 7th. I always watch for it because I associate it with Valentines Day.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    The ice “raft” finally vanished off of the pool this week, the robins are fussing at daybreak and I heard my first Grackle yesterday; but there are still wisps of winter drifts hiding amongst the hedgerows. In the little garden we planted last year at the studio door, there’s a fine, fat clump of burgundy Angelica spears popped up (if she keeps up at this rate, there’ll definitely be splits for next year; ) right alongside some very happy Sage, Oregano, Queen Anne’s Lace, Feverfew, light AND dark Columbine, Golden Seal, Cinquefoil, Ox-Eye Daisy and Mullein. That’s all I can identify, so far – there are some seedlings as well, but they’re still too new to tell; )

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