Chick Update..

So far my four wee tikes are growing very well, I am watching them feather out and get more of their colorings and patterns in.. the tail feathers are being watched closely as is the wattles..

DSCN5100 This is the oldest chick, its a full week older then the other three.


This is the plain black chick with a bit of white on both fronts of the wings so far.. but check out that top wattle growth on it!


This is the next biggest of the three chicks, and the most friendly of them all.. Its nickname is chipmonk for the eye stripe



DSCN5115Last but not least is the one I had hoped would be a blue, but its not.. its a dilute yes but blue, nope.. but its a strong flyer already




Anyone want to take a guess on sexes yet.. LOL.. I think I have three of one sex (maybe) and one of one sex.. but I just do not know this breed well enough yet..



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4 Responses to Chick Update..

  1. Sheri says:

    3 boys and one girl. The female being the first one. The last one it the prettiest one.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Guessing that Blackie is a Roo? Just judging by the comb, that is… You could also go by the hyper-alert stance (eyes wide, tall on the legs and neck stretched as far as it’ll go; ) but that’s probably just my perception, right?
    (Love Chipmunk’s eye “makeup” and wing/tail coloration on the last two birds: )

  3. Nice looking brood you’ve got there

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