Garden Plans for 2015- Vegetable Marrow

.veggie Marrow

These can also be much more yellow.. The strain of them that I have is  a Truly old Fashioned Veggie, that is not often grown anymore, other summer squash have become more popular and common. This one tracks back to 1824 , its right around a foot long in a oblong shape. It has a delightful light mellow and buttery flavour when used most do. Its grown as all squashes are ideally in hills, its a hard bush plant, very productive and its a short season squash at 50 days.

This is the squash of my grandmother that was used for making her Mock Pinnapple

This is one of the few Summer Squashes that can hold up to canning with a lovely firmness and that to me at least puts it into a class of its own..

Marrow is particularly important in the diets of certain cultural groups because it provides a high level of nutrients in a low-calorie vegetable. It is a significant source of vitamin A, vitamin C, dietary fiber, calcium, and iron.

This veggies is a good easy choice for seed saving, but it must be done by either hand crossing and then tapping to present cross breeding and or with a breeding cage placed over it.

The interesting part this year will be to figure out where to plant it.. Last year my side squash planting hills were a bust, so while I might be willing to do one hill there to see how it goes this year, I am certainly not willing to put my bigger hopes there.. but my biggest area is going to the butternut landrace growout

and the big squash area in the main garden is going to my new funky Italian hanging summer-winter keeping squash, more on that later..

Which leaves me doing the huh!

Three choices remain

1) make new hills and plant them in a new spot in the yard..

2) Make a new hugelculture and plant them in that.. My big one is on melon duty this year and my smaller ones are booked for other plants.

3) Consider interplanting them with Corn in a area that is already booked, and throw in a few beans and make that whole area a three sister garden..  hmmmm.. we will see what I decide in the end..

I am going to be starting two plants very soon, this week most likely, so that I can transplant and have fresh eating squash in the greenhouse and then into the garden for the end of may..

At 50 days, I will hold off till the end of march to start them..



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6 Responses to Garden Plans for 2015- Vegetable Marrow

  1. Mary says:

    Hi Farmgal,
    I just found this at Heritage Harvest Herloom Seed. It seems to match the discription you gave for marrow. I ordered a packet! Now if the snow would melt and the ground warm up….

    Vegetable Marrow (1824)

    First appeared in North America in Thorburn’s catalogue of 1824 and was one of the first marrow type squash grown in England. The 1908 Mckenzie Seed catalogue from Brandon, Manitoba wrote “Excellent quality, fine grained and delicious.” This claim can still be made today. The white oblong squash are about 1ft long at maturity but are most tender at the 4″ stage. At this stage they can be eaten with the skin, seeds and all; they can still be eaten when larger but will then require peeling. The flavor is very delicate and mellow; some describe it as buttery. The vegetable marrow is truly an old fashioned vegetable that is not commonly grown any more. I can remember my grandmother growing Vegetable Marrow when I was a child. Very productive and early. Bush plant. (50 days)

    Click here for a delicious recipe using marrow fruit!
    Package Qty: 20 seeds
    Price: $3.95
    (The recipe is the same as your mock pineapple one but here it’s called Vegetable Marrow Preserves!)

    When it’s time can you give directions for how you can it please!

  2. momof4ont says:

    Thanks for that. I’ve never been sure what a ‘marrow’ is.

  3. Mary says:

    Big disappointment for me regarding the marrow squash seed! Seems the only place I could find it for sale is in Canada and I am in the States. My order was rejected. sob. BUT, I did find something that may be the same, called Lebanese White Bush Marow Squash from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds here in the States. The description sounded the same and says early 50 days. And the note called it a rare Lebanese variety. Do you think it might be the same?

    • Really not sure on that one Mary, but its possible, we can compared growing notes, color and type when they are grown, I have never heard where it came from, just that its been here in NA since the early 1800s but it had to have come from somewhere, my understanding was that it came over from England, but where they got it.. that I do not know.. So sorry to hear that they would not cross border ship it.

  4. Great post! I vote for the three sisters garden! It’s my no-fail technique! lol

    Thanks for linking up with Green Thumb Thursday! I hope you’ll join us again this week!


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