We have Running Water!

Well, it took five days, a new part and some time but we have hot and cold running water again. I can very happy to have that lovely hot and cold running water in the house and in the barn again.

It might be awhile before we use the hose as our well is refilling at around 18 inches or so per day, and it needs another 13 feet to be full, so it will be a number of days yet, we had enough water to turn it on Friday night check but we decided to do it Saturday in the daytime instead and we had a issue, turns out we need to replace a small itty bitty but very needed 3 dollar part and then we were sailing.

I am currently back to my careful summer water use, this means that we are using our rain roof collection systems to fill the 55 gallon drums and the sheep water trough and the big horse trough, taking those water needs off the well, and I will do all my laundry one load per day, somewhere in 3 to 5 days from now the well will ideally back to normal for the year.

Sadly I heard from my mom today that she will not be coming out after all this spring, I understand the reasons and I will see if I can get out late fall after the harvest is done or maybe I will come out for Christmas, Given that Hubby does not care about the season like I do, he will not mind much at all if I am not home.

This weekend was busy and fun filled, I left hubby at home on Friday evening and went to a dear friends for a little farm style house party, did not get home till late for me, and then Saturday had a lovely visit for a couple hours with friends and then did a tiny bit of shopping and back home to do chores and work..

Sunday was a true farm day, but it was also a lazy day, in the sense that while we got the water on line and we puttered and did chores everything was done in a calm quiet easy way.. it was a relaxed sunday..

I did not even make a sunday to do list.. It was just roll with the flow..  we do not have many of those days on the farm and we will have even less of them by the time the weather turns..

We got another 5 inches of the fluffy wet white stuff between Friday to Sunday, but at least the temps are slowly and carefully warming up..

The Chicks are growing fast and they are flyers for sure.. very nimble but I had hoped to get one that was a blue and sadly, I can see that she-he is not blue, certainly a dilute color yes, but blue.. No!

The rest of my chicks are ordered and I am just waiting on hatchings, I should have lambs coming in about 3 to 5 days, we will see if I am right or not.. I am basing my math on when the last girls lambed out and on the average that sheep cycle in the fall time wise.

Hubby is done the current work assignment at the end of March and it is a bit up in the air on what he will be doing and who he will be working when April rolls around but the positive is that it will be somewhere, and he does have a few leads on a couple different areas, so time will tell

My pea seeds are up and on first leaves, as are a few other things, and I will be doing a few more pots but the weather is just holding me off at this point.. I will put up a few pots of tomato soon so that I can move them to the green house for early spring tomatos, those ones will be the little cherry tomatos for our house use.

The hens are laying again and well right now, which is wonderful, its so lovely to have a flush of eggs coming in.

Ps, I am finally caught up on my posts for the March Challenges today, I maybe running late on some days but I am keeping up in the end and that is what matters to me.

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2 Responses to We have Running Water!

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Congrats for so very many things!! For getting caught up. Having water on tap. Job prospects & writing success for DH. New eggs, sprouted seeds, healthy chicks and incoming baby lambs [sorry about the (not a Blue) chick though]:
    Spring has sprung!

  2. Sheri says:

    Glad your water is back on! Sorry to hear the news about your Mum.

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