No Buy Feb 2015- week 4 overview

This last week flew by, it was very busy, nothing really new compared to last week, overall it was just move along nicely.. I made a nice turnip soup, a half fresh grated turnip-carrot- apple salad, I made oven roasted veggies, the green box took the pressure off.

Saturday was eco farm day and I did enjoy coffee, apple juice, lots of water, the muffins were good, and lunch was included, some was very good, a carrot salad and the greek salad very nice, wonderful fresh bun with fab cheese, the rest that I tried.. eh and the beef was truly yuk to my taste buds being used to my own.


I know that the above seems a bit negative but as a farmer, as a garden and often in life to give yourself the freedom to know that the first and or last plan is wrong and will need Ajustements is gold!

The company was lovely, and I even got to travel with someone this year to and from and that was great fun.. Got seeds for the great growout

Gifts this week

One cup of to go tims large coffee

Money that was saved

  • Regular allowance for both him and her -20
  • ebooks- 10
  • Movie allowance normal got every two weeks, split into weekly-20
  • Church basement-5
  • Coffee out- 2
  • Grocery- 50

Total Savings to date : 408 dollars in total.




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4 Responses to No Buy Feb 2015- week 4 overview

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Kind of like:
    “Hope for the best,
    But be prepared for the worst”

  2. Sheri says:

    Good job! I just saw a video on a professional dumpster diver who sells his finds on EBay. One nights haul he resold for 4 thousand dollars…..knowing me I’d get arrested…how would I explain that to my daughter?

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