A new note to the song that is the farm


O yes, I stepped out to do something outside again, for the 5th or was it 8th time and heard it, that pure sweet sound.. a new note on the farm song.. I froze… and waited and it came again.. pure and sweet, heart warming and uplifting,

Now I have a better sense of where and eyes started scanning that big old tree.. and there is was… a spring bird, early for sure (good thing I have food out) high up and as my mind went…

Spring, he opened his beak and out poured the most beautiful rift, once, Twice and a third time he sang out and the whole farm held their breath an movement.. and it held…  well that is different for everyone, spirit, magic, soul, peace…



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2 Responses to A new note to the song that is the farm

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Was it a Cardinal? There’s been a pair here doing their lovely Spring ritual of sharing a gift of seed at the feeder for the past week or so…
    Who is it that said Valentine’s Day has no basis in reality? ; )

  2. PintSizeFarm says:

    I always enjoyed the first bird song after a cold winter. We keep most of them all year now, but when I start to see the hummingbirds again I get excited!

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