Bacon.. o my goodness Bacon..


There was a posting in the newspaper that said bacon is out.. to which I say piffal

I loved bacon before it was trendy and I will love bacon after its not in.. LOL

The two big pigs gave us back over 30 pounds of bacon each, for a grand total of 66 pounds,  I expect if I weighted the packages, its closer to 70, as the pound is a average, they tend to go over rather then under.

DSCN4498I had to laugh a little at the butcher, he said, and I quote.. the sow gave you really fatty bacon, but the boar gave some really nice bacon.. Well the bacon above is from my girl and its true that a pound of bacon did give me a cup and quarter of wonderful bacon fat after I cooked it up, but it was awesome!

I was very pleased with the taste , I did wonder if being five years old, I would have a issue with the flavour of the pork.. NO, its wonderful..

Its all a learning curve, its would be very rare for a breeding sow to reach the age of five and still have excellent pork, but that is the difference between small homestead raised vs commercial.

Now we needed to cook up a roast that had ripped its paper wrapping and it was my boy, I was pleased at the beginning how little boar scent it had but towards the end of the cooking, as the fat began to carmelize in the pan, I could tell by my nose that it was Kermit, so it was with a bit of a hmmm, that I sliced it up and took my first bite.

I had nothing to worry about, the meat is stronger then store bought for sure but its excellent, in fact less then Angelo, which both ourselves and anyone who got his meat both enjoyed..

So given that locally, they are now charging 5.95 for 350 grams of bacon, lets call it a flat 7 dollars per pound..  and I will go to the round up for ease.. so 70 pounds of bacon at 7 dollars..

So they gave me approx. 490 dollars worth of bacon…  so glad I did not need to buy that at store prices.




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