Do you or do you not.. Farmers and Tetanus

While I am not pro vaccines, I am not rabid anti either, I firmly fall in the middle, last year in my local area a very bad case of eee killed a large number of a local herd, and I was glad that my own horses had vaccine protection from this deadly issue.

I believe in core vaccines for my hounds and purrpots, I had a puppy die of distemper as a teen and battled to help save parvo pups in the artic, I could do that because my own dogs had their vaccines and I know just how hard it can be to do so and that not all can be saved.


plus I have this itty bitty issue of finding nails to step on, its been a life long issues, if there is one to be found, I will find it, and it will always be rusty and hidden etc

I mean even in the time on the blog, in four years, I have posted three times about stepping on the blasted things, and that does not include scratches on rusty dirty metal things in a host of other ways..

So given this, I do keep up my tetanus shot, got it this week and it nocked me down for 24 hours, mild fever, sore arm etc but it worth it given my lifestyle.

Do you as a homesteader, as a farmer keep your tetanus up to date or not..

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2 Responses to Do you or do you not.. Farmers and Tetanus

  1. Fran Wooden says:

    I too always find something rusty to step or get cut on. I get the tetanus out of necessity.

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