Roast with winter Veggies.


I mean really is there anything easier then a lovely roast with winter veggies and some spices, the broth makes a o my goodness mouth watering gravy.

In this case it was a gifted Deer roast but Beef or lamb or Pork or even a whole chicken would do..

Thaw your meat out, you want it cold but not frozen at all..

Peel and then sliced your onions into thick rounds for the meat to sit on, same with a few garlic cloves, I covered the meat with montreal steak spice, and then I filled in the area around with purple cabbage, celery and carrots.. added in some water to the bottom and into a slow oven at 325 for around four hours..

After the veggies were fork tender, I took out the meat and veggies, and made a corn starch mix with a bit of water and thickened up the juices into a fine meat juice and veggie gravy..

If you wanted you could have served it with fluffy mashed potatos on the side.. but we just enjoyed the veggies as is..

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8 Responses to Roast with winter Veggies.

  1. queen of string says:

    I am just reading your post whilst I wait for the exact same meal to finish cooking! Only difference is ours is lamb. I resisted the temptation to add lots of flavourings because I just want the meat to shine through 🙂

  2. Oh, I haven’t had a roast in a while. What I WANT is for someone to find a nicely butchered bear roast in their freezer and say, “Oh, Marie, we thought you might enjoy this.” Or porcupine. I haven’t had either yet, but I’ve heard good things.

    • if I had to buy a roast at store prices, it would be awhile before I had any in the house.. Bear is very good when done right

    • queen of string says:

      Is there no one you can swap a chicken or eggs with Marie? Almost all the meat in my freezer was a barter this year. I love a good barter :-). (although I don’t have small children and I have regular services, so I probably have a ton more time!).

  3. Sheri says:

    Mashed potatoes, gravy, left overs! I doubt there’s any left from this meal but it demands a repeat! I did this just over a week ago just a bit different. Put the roast in a large crock with a marinade sauce and slow cooked it.

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