Food Boxes -Giving a helping hand.

I have been watching this group grow and as you know having lived up in the north for a number of years, I truly do understand the high costs of living there.

Normally, here in my local area, I am much more likely to give seeds, food plants and knowledge then I am to fund a local food bank..  each person finds their own balance.. I like to do things like Grow a row or donate to local community garden programs.

But the simple truth of the matter is.. none of that can done for someone way up in the high artic..

After talking it over with my hubby, we have asked and accepted a elder in a small hamlet in Nunavut.

I will be posting on it thought out the year now and again.. I will need to do a total switch in how I think in regards to shopping.. Thankfully I have a goodly number of years of ordering on the sealift under my belt to give me a helping hand on this.

Here is my general list at the moment (which will be updated once the box is ready)

  • Salt, Pepper, Montreal Steak Spice
  • Two bars of soap
  • One tub of hand lotion
  • Solid Chocolate bars
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Jerky and soft pouched meats
  • Dried soups, think Knorr
  • Instant flavoured Oatmeals
  • Whole Powdered Milk
  • A pound or two of lard
  • Baking Powder
  • Dried fruits
  • Tea Bags

That what I have so far for the first box, I will need more info before I can tailor it more.. I am uncomfortable giving her real name so lets call her E, and all I know right now is that she is a single elder widow.

I would like to consider stretching things in the future, like more personal items, including wool socks etc in the right size. Perhaps she has a hobby, likes to knit or do puzzles or play card etc..

The nice thing about the program is that you can ask for a one off, or you can ask to be a regular (which they consider four boxes per year) you can ask for families in need, single mothers with children, or Elders raising their grandbabies, or Elders etc.

With the shutting down of local hunting due to herd sizes, with local hunting of sealife being allowed less and less, it makes them more and more in need, and the new food mail program is just NOT cutting it!



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4 Responses to Food Boxes -Giving a helping hand.

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    We, here in the South, are so unaware of how things (don’t): work up in the True North… Thanks for helping to bring awareness. This is an awesome idea and I can’t wait to learn from your reports – but most particularly learning how to approach “helping” in a socially respectful manner.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Because of my husband’s work, I have a bit of a head start here; but I meant to mention that this will be invaluable for people to learn about the North: like what a “sealift” is and why things are done this way , with “typically four a year”…
    (This may be too personal to even consider, but if she might even consider sharng the stories of how things were?)

  3. Hi Deb, Only time will tell on what she will feel comfortable with me sharing, I mean to share it more from my end and from the programs end of things at this point in time.

  4. Sheri says:

    A lady friend of mine worked for the Forest Service and she was stationed on a remote Alaskan Island running the weather station. While on a short Christmas trip home I got to visit with her and I asked her what she needed to help her live that way and she told me (1) wool/cotton blend socks (2) Flannel sheets and a good wool top blanket, (3) Coffee & tea, (4) canned soups, chilli’s (5) Crackers (6) dried fruits (7) fabric softener sheets (8) Fig Newton cookies, (9) toothpaste and tooth picks (10) dried diced garlic. (11) Books and gossip magazines (12) She really missed citrus so canned oranges were a big hit. I would send her some stuff from time to time but I had to remember that the float plane only went to her island every 3 months so what ever I packed had to last. She didn’t want any meats sent because she had the beach to fish from. No matter what I sent she loved, but when I sent her “red socks” those just seemed to be the most wonderful thing of all! For ease of washing she had only taken clothes that were white, dark blue, grey and black. She missed color.

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