Rabbit kits with eye issue..

Was cleaning out the rabbit hutches, sorting the growouts, sexing out the rabbits that are going to friends and doing a full count and health check on the younger kits..

Thumper has her first litter and she had a much harder time of it, her sister Flower had a nice big litter, no issues, she was a bit scared as a first time mom but just rocked along..

Thumper, well she has a much harder time, she lost a number of her kits to stillborn, so she only had six live ones, and she is wild about her protectiveness, she charges at you and thumps hard in warning, she is fine if you are in the front part of her hutch, food, water, and hay, no worries, open up the indoor back part of her hutch and HO MY..  I find it easier to block her from being able to come in.

Her kits looked at first glance, awesome, fat and glossy and very clean.. but a closer looks showed two of the six had one eye open and one closed, I found the first one and it looked like its eye was just crustied, checked nose and bum, everything else looked good, just crusty, but as I checked the others, the second one had a eye closed an it was clearly swollen, even a tiny tug on it, and thick white discharge popped out and a small glop..

Into the house they came, I got the eye open with warm water soaking and a lot of this white thick discharge came out,  no smell and it looked like rich cream in color, finally was able to flush the eye with sterile water till it came back out clean and then both of them had their eyes treated with antibodic drops..

And then I worried, should I have culled them, Despite having had rabbits for ten years on the farm, I have never had a single kit ever have a eye issue before.. I put the question up on facebook and was glad that a friend and fellow rabbit breeder said,  is the mom fussy, does she move the bedding a lot, well that is a great way to explain my fussy Thumper..

We said because they are in good health, nose is clear, rear is clear and its only one eye, and its just at the age that they are opening their eyes, that its possible that momma got a little bit of chaft in their eye..

2013-01-01 2673 (500x375)

So last night, back in they came and it was much better for the night cleaning, flushing and treatment..

2013-01-01 2674 (500x375)

this morning (which is when I finally got photos) much much better, while they have crusted eye, and the one that was less effected swelling and redness is mostly down, the one that was worst, had no discharge but it has much more swelling and redness in the eye itself.

2013-01-01 2675 (500x375)

However given that its only been 24 hours I could not be more pleased.. So has this ever happened in your rabbits, did you go herbal flushes, did you consider using EI, lavender in a carrier oil was recommended by a very good friend, or did you go with a anitbodic eye drops..


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One Response to Rabbit kits with eye issue..

  1. Didn’t even read the whole post.
    Get DH to bring home some Boric Acid powder from the pharmacy and follow the instructions on the label.

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