This and that..

Well, lets get the sad news out first, my sweet Lily at just over the age of 14 has crossed from this world to the next.. she was a truly wonderful member of our pack from the age of eight week onwards and she will be sadly missed and remembered.. her BBF is in need of extra time and love.. Here they are at the age of ten, still both looking so strong and healthy.. RIP my sweet girl..


On a slightly related note, it was such a sad day, that I needed to get out and ride, not just a short walk like last time, Hubby came with on Brandy Girl, it was a excellent ride, both horse`s were well behaved (they did very well having been off for six weeks for Caleb and nine weeks for Brandy Girl) I was out for a bit over a hour and because I was able to get my foot into my boot finally, it really helped provide support.

2013-01-01 2654 (500x477)

We had a wild storm come though, it came with lots and lots of rain if you look in the photo you can see that the ground is so wet, its holding the water to it, well it came with strong winds, and the thunder gods were having lots of fun, the growls, booms and the cracks of pure power where coming hard and heavy..  Thanksfully the house and house yard and critters where fine but my big old 60 plus shade tree in the small pasture didn`t make it, it was split in two.. it will be a big job to finish taking it down and getting it cleaned up, I figure it will to a point make a new hugelbed and at the same time provide us with a good amount of firewood as well.

The garden is in full swing, and canning or processing  is being done daily, bowls of goodies are coming in.. but the storm did a number on it as well.. lots of knock downs, I will see if it did any longer terms damage or if most things can be saved.

Need to figure out when to harvest the sweet potato`s it will need to be done in the next week or so I figure.. I would like to do some yard clean up but its so wet out there right now. we will see ..

Well, had better get back at it..

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3 Responses to This and that..

  1. Sheri says:

    That storm hit me some days ago. The deluge of hail was something! As soon as it passed and the sun returned the squash and pole beans went crazy. Several Patty Pan squashes do have mildew on the leaves and blossom end rot it but the new blooms went crazy. I have zucchini coming out my ears.
    Sorry to hear about the passing of Lily. I know you and hubby were good family to her. If there’s ever a chance of coming back, I want to come back as a loved & pampered pet! Today I’m canning my Bartlett Pears and carrots. I found a very unusual apple tree here on the island! It’s seedless and coreless!

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Know how much it hurts; but you KNOW she had a good life. Many hugs…
    So, have you snuck a peek at the Sweet Potatoes? Was it a good year for them up here, weather-wise; or is it still too soon to know?
    But, speaking of Apples and trees being struck down… When we moved to the Farm, there was an ancient Apple on the front lawn that had been split (by lightning?) decades before. It’s trunk was so completely open that you could stand inside of it – just like a phone booth – and its main “branches” were now more like two separate trees; as they had been bent down to the ground and then had grown back up toward the sky to live yet again for many more decades. I loved that tree and used to sit for hours; reading or writing on its curved body.

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