Sam is now at Dad’s

Well, Samwell is now safely at Dad’s farm, if you ever need a recommend on a horse hualer in Ontario or one that goes from Ontario to the rest of Canada, I have a good one to recommend, just ask and I will be happy to share their info with you.. above and beyond in care of the horse’s and care of the people worrying on the other end.

Sam did a longer trip in terms of days but he had a layover in thunderbay and was also off loaded in Sask to get time to rest, stretch his legs and eat and drink.. etc He was very sad to be leaving and he even though he made a girlfriend on the trailer, he was still very unsure and scared.. When he was of loaded into a stall in thunderbay, he thought he had got to his new place and was very sad indeed..

After being a free boy at my place with his herd and 24 hours access to pasture, he was close to being depressed at the idea of being a stall boy again.. above and beyond care was given as she spent time with him.

When he arrived home in alberta, with them just making it though the flood area’s before highways were closed, he off loaded, shared a apple with mom, and then got very excited to meet Jessie his new herd mate, and once released he galloped around and then rolled and checked out water and feed bins.

I will look forward to a report later today on how he is settling in but I am very hopeful that his nose will tell his mind that my folks are “half” of me and there for family and he will settle quickly..

2013-01-01 2303 (455x600)

Our goodbye photo.. yes he is worried looking, he did not want to load and leave me.. and yes I look like I could burst into tears..

This move has upset my own little herd of two as well, calling, pacing the fence line and many worried looks I am given. They will settle soon I hope..

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5 Responses to Sam is now at Dad’s

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Oh dear, SO sad! Tears shed here. Many MASSIVE hugs sent to you all!!

    • Thanks Deb, Its will be a good thing, everyone just needs time to adjust and settle.. all will be well.. I do have some good news on the horse front, but I am trying to do one post a day and get back into the writing mode, I am so busy right now, and my mind just scatters when it comes to writing, I go Ah, I need to write and then I go .. but I need to do this, an this and this.. and then nothing gets up..

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Oh yeah! Trust me when I say that know EXACTLY what you’re talking about… One thing at a time Darlin’; )

  2. Lake Lili says:

    Oh… I so sad… I guess I had kind of hoped he was going to get to stay with you. Hope they all settle again soon and that your heart will ease knowing that Sam will be loved by your folks.

    • I didn’t start looking for my “new horse” until it was confirmed that Samwell was going out west, so when caleb came home, it became a set in stone move.. it will take time but he was never really mine, it was on loan. but its hard to not get attached.. when you are doin the daily care etc.

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