Gardenpaloosa 2014

LOL, well I am finally back on track with the garden, while we are by no means done and will be continuing to plant, dig and work in the gardens in regards to planting and expanding over the next six weeks, the vast large push is done.. and hubby has gone back to work full time off the farm, I would love to tell you that we have a great ten days holiday but in truth, we worked and worked hard.

Most of my three sisters are with sunflowers instead of corn, but our big crops are in.. we have 48 pepper plants in and doing well, we have five kinds of potato’s planted, we have the 50 plus tomato plants in the ground..  we have all the spring plants in and growing well..

Lots of root veggies planted, oyster plant, different kinds of carrots, summer and winter turnips, four different kinds of beets are in so far, lots of interesting greens, mustards,  Still need to get the sweet potato’s in the first part of June and the corn is not planted yet, lots of beans to go in yet.. but most of the ground is now planted, and there will be succession plantings in a number of places half way though the grow season.

But I still have lots to go into the ground.. I made a trip to out to Aster Lane Edibles with a dear friend. Boy did I come home with lots and lots of very interesting plants, so many that I had never heard of..

2013-01-01 2145 (450x600)

2013-01-01 2146 (450x600)

2013-01-01 2148 (450x600)

2013-01-01 2149 (600x450)

These babies are going to grow and grow, all are either come backs or freely self-seeders, so these plants are all edibles and or herbal and so many new plants! as well as a few old favorites 🙂

So here is a rough photo of the Diamond.. it still looks like not much in this photo.. I should have taken a true.. Before photo but this will have to do..

2013-01-01 2150 (450x600)

Now despite that it looks like there is not much there, the bones are in fact going in..  its hard to get a single photo of the area so we are missing the apple tree heading to your right. but so far this spring, the diamond has had Black  Chokeberry, Black Rasberry canes, Gooseberry, High Bush Blueberry, Burning Bush, Rose Bushes, Elderberries bushes, Red, Pink and Blue Beebalms, Applemint, Northern Spy Apple Tree, Ruby Red Rhubarbs, and Bleeding Heart, Horseradish, Violets..  Many of the above plants will be moved in, once the ground is prepared for them..

The new chicks are doing very well, and their mother is being a excellent new momma.. Now I had better get a little more ground cleared, some watering done and some rhubarb picked as I want to do a canning season done today..   I will snap photo’s and share later.. Everyone have a great day..

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3 Responses to Gardenpaloosa 2014

  1. Sheri says:

    Concerning “sweet potato’s”. I’m not really sure I can grow these here in the coastal region of the Pacific Northwest, but I’m thinking, what if I plant in a sunny compost heap? I’ve seen how some people are harnessing the “heat” of compost to heat water, how’s about to heat plants? On my counter I have a sweet potato and a yam that are putting on leaves and I’d like to try and plant them. They have no roots. How do you go about planting and growing yours?
    Your planting list is very impressive!
    You have several items that I have not considered for the garden because my knowledge is “0%” on them. Black Chokecherry, Black Raspberry (I have the red types), Gooseberry and Elderberry. I’ve never eaten a Chokecherry, Gooseberry or Elderberry.
    I tried growing herbs last year from seed and had very good luck with Rosemary, Sage, Cilantro, Dill, and Basil. Basil is very touchy here due to the cool winds. Last winter I lost 2 huge Thyme plants. I didn’t cut & dry for future needs because it was always at my fingertips. I had to go out and buy Thyme and I picked up a package of Thyme seeds!

    • I am new to the sweet potato, but I will be sharing what we are doing, how it goes and what the end results are as it happens, I ordered in a very short season yam for our local growing climate and its coming as well started slips.. so watch for more info on that.. As far as I understand, you put the yam and sweet potato’s in a container that has water in it, just covering the potato part and the slips are in the water and will grow roots out of their stems, then you break off the rooted slip and you plant that. I was able to grow slips this spring, but it was from a store one, so I didn’t bother planting them, as they are not right for my season.

      If you were to add one on that list first, I would recommend trying for the gooseberry first 🙂

      Herbs are so great to grow and have..

      • Sheri says:

        I must have looked at those sweet potatoes 10 times yesterday as I contemplated your reply and burst out laughing at myself. I tried starting a couple in a jar of water last fall and I just couldn’t tell top from bottom for the life of me. I drowned them! No roots-just rot! I can see on my current ones leaf growth and some are coming out the sides because they were laying in a large bowl. Can’t wait for you to start posting about how you go about this! If all else fails I can just deep fry those babies and enjoy!
        P.S. My study & hunt for Gooseberry has begun!

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