Still Flooded.. still sick..

Hello Gang,

Well the flood waters from yesterday are still there, now I don’t have permission to post the photo but I had a good laugh last night, the flooding came in pretty fast and one of the farms by me, farm kitty got stuck up a tree, so they had to take a little raft out over the water/ice and then one climbed a tree to get said kitty back down and raft back to dry land.. Gotta love those that go the extra bit to make sure that everyone was looked after.

Snow geese came in last night on our current waterfront property, then the second flock that came in was Canadian geese, that’s the first geese we have seen this year..

Speaking of geese, Pom mated with Honk currently has half her eggs laid in her nest now, and they are both very protective of it, so all signs point to go on them wanting to sit and hatch, still so sad I lost both Hiss and lou but it is what it is..

I’m on day five or six of a nasty head cold, its not a minor one either, its a full blown even with meds, knocking me flat down to bed.. well mostly, I have the energy to get up and putter for a couple hours, nap for an hour or two and repeat..

The yard is melting out finally and everywhere I look is work, but also there are hints of plants, the lily’s are starting, the feverfew is poking up, along with a few other small things, what I really need to a big old patch of nettles to come up and get going..  If I could, I would be drinking fresh nettle tea pot daily.

I have to tell you no one appears to read the sign that says our road is closed.. they just drive around it and come and stop and stare and then turn around.. dozens of them.. and it sets my hounds off every single time.. can’t get mad at them, its their job.. but sheeezzz,

Then there are those in the big trucks that just have to try and go though the sloggy mess of water and ice, so far no one has their motor die out on them going though but I keep waiting for it..

Have a great day

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7 Responses to Still Flooded.. still sick..

  1. sara says:

    Wondering why you cant post pictures of the flood?

  2. Just gotten over it – it IS a nasty bug – you have my sympathy. Drank pots of Rooibos Tea loaded with honey! Sleep is good; hang in there!

  3. verla sharp says:

    Sorry to hear you are still unwell. The same thing is going around here (not me – knock wood. I know Eleanor said they will likely get flooding as well. Dry in St. Albert so far.

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