March 1st – LOL..

Well, the morning started off bright and early, the hounds got us up half an hour before the alarm but it was still a sleep in compared to a workday, so we will take it..

Breakfast was Steak/onions with scrambled eggs and tea, I wanted a very hearty breakfast as I knew we would be missing lunch other then a snack later in the day..

It was snowing and the roads were crap but we packed up and headed into the “big City” for the annual seedy Saturday event..

I came out with 2 dollar’s underbudget, which is good for me. More on the Seedy Saturday post itself but I got some really cool organic heritage seeds for not bad prices overall and in some cases really good prices and combined shipping costs, splitting the cost of gas between them.

Wish I had been able to find more at the free seed swap table but I did find one thing I wanted, so I was pleased with that. Picked up my seedling starts, so will be able to share the process on them if you ever want to give it a try yourself 🙂

Then I had coffee and a visit with some folks and BAM, my first FAIL, I had a cuppa coffee, it was bad coffee to boot, and DH had a juice.. something that I was told.. I am sure it is a flavour but I don’t know which one.. kinda sad really, when you break the rules on the first day and for something that sucks.. but there it is..

On the other hand we had snacks in the van to hold us over on the way home, and for supper tonight, I made Dh’s birthday dinner with steak, and pasta with cream, mushrooms and green onions (just the tops as the bottoms are tucked into a pot for regrowing.

Dessert is made, its one of those rare things, its wafer cookies with chocolate pudding and cream, so its a mock tuffle but a firm one, with no extra juice or booze added..

I do plan a hot cuppa tea with honey before bed..  so that was my first day, good and bad.. to much steak (but I am not my man LOL)


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