Maple and Birch Syrup..

I am thrilled to announce that a dear friend who owns land quite close to my farm (within walking distance has been so kind as to offer me a couple acres to be allowed to tap both the maples and the birch, hunt for mushrooms, be able to harvest for fresh mushroom logs for on the farm and in general poke around in that area.

I had thought that I would only be able to tap a few maples but it looks like what will be needed is a good tromp though the woods and tree’s picked, measured and taps figured out, I guess I am doing a bigger run then I had planned earlier.

It is only fitting that I need to do at least some to give back as a warm thank you for allowing me to do this, It also means that I will need to plan on getting a few more taps then I had planned for the year.

Its been so cold and the area is so deep in snow at this time, I don’t have a good feel for this area at all yet. I am looking forward to when it warms up enough that we can get out and learn more about it.

I am looking forward to playing in a number of ways in that area, I have some fun little things I want to try out in that area, but I will keep respect first and formost in mind, as this is not my land.

God Bless Friends!

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1 Response to Maple and Birch Syrup..

  1. dreamfarming says:

    I saw the thing where Anthony Bourdain went to Canada and ate at a restaurant in the woods where they have there own pigs and tap the trees. They had a dessert like a maple syrup snow cone. I bet you’ll have so much fun with this project.

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